Healthy Weight Gain Meal Plans for People on a Budget

In our day-to-day life, people who want to add weight are rare. Everyone wants to remain thin. That’s the trend. On the other hand, some have been skinny throughout their lives. These individuals may want to gain weight if they are about to join sports. Are you someone who wants to gain weight?

Sometimes, with a high metabolism and a lanky figure, adding weight can be difficult. That is why this article is ideal for you. It is a healthy weight gain meal plan for people on a budget.

Monday – Day 1

For most people, this is the first day of the week. For fitness enthusiasts, it is another day to embark on your goals, and sticking to your weight gain plan is very crucial. For this day, you will need about 3000 calories, which can be achieved by eating 250 g of carbs, 200 g of protein, and 150 g of fat. This gives your body a gradual start.

An example of the foods in your typical meals for this day include eggs, whole grain bread with butter, snacks consisting of fruit and nuts, white meat, red meat, and several vegetables. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and drink enough water.

Tuesday – Day 2

And here comes the second day. You are probably wondering what you are going to consume to stick to your weight gain plan. Well, it is not that complicated. You only need 4000 calories for this workout day. This is summed up by 122 g of protein, 137 g of fat, and 320 g of carbohydrates. For females, 1600 to 2400 calories are required.

The kinds of food you should consume on this day are baked potato, chicken thighs, honey on bread, and the like.

Wednesday – Day 3

On this specific day, you require about 2000 calories to give the body a break from food and workouts. This includes 133 g of protein, 111 g of fat, and lastly, 366 g of carbohydrates. This is not a difficult target because the food to consume for you to continue adding weight on a budget is easy to get or simple to make.

Bananas, potato wedges, and fruit yoghurt among other options are some of the types of foods to eat on Wednesday.

Thursday – Day 4

Before you know it, you are on day four and still adding some weight. To continue with your healthy weight gain meal plan, you are supposed to consume about 3000 calories. 417 g of carbohydrates, 123 g of protein, and 93 g of fat are all included.

You can eat some spaghetti, maybe drink fruit yoghurt, and have a plate of some beans and rice.

Friday – Day 5

The healthy weight gain meal plan for this day contains about 3000 calories. This amount can be achieved by 174 g of protein, 142 g of fat, and 255 g of carbohydrates. You can consume foods like chicken casserole, cabbage, and peas. You can also use this useful reference to buy some HGH to help you continue adding weight.

Saturday – Day 6

The week is almost over, and you are still on track in your plan for gaining weight on a budget. So, the calories to eat are about 2000 with 201 g of protein, 170 g of fat, and 368 g of carbohydrates. Try eating mixed vegetables and the like.

Sunday – Day 7

This is the last day of the week in which you are still trying to add to your weight. Consume about 3000 calories, which include 165 g of protein, 413 g of carbohydrates, and lastly, 180 g of fat.


Follow the above healthy weight gain meal plan for people on a budget and see the positive changes that will occur. You will add weight even before you realize it.

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