Home Educating Children: Why Travel is Important

When you think of home educating children, images of piles of textbooks on your dining room table and strict, regimented multiplications may spring to mind. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be like this. Giving your children an education away from the typical school environment means you can be more flexible in how you teach your children about the world and everything in it.

What Are the Benefits of Home Schooling?

Not only does home schooling give you academic flexibility, but it also gives the added flexibility of home life. There are no school run times to stick to, and no lunches to hurriedly make in the morning. You can adapt the learning to the child’s needs, and they can learn at their own pace. This tends to mean they learn faster!

The children don’t have to share resources with others as they would in a typical class. If you have access to a good computer, such as one of these Lenovo School Desktop Computers, then you have access to so many learning resources that are available to help with your teaching online.

You don’t have to limit yourself to online learning though when teaching at home; there is a whole wild world to explore.

What Are the Benefits of Traveling While Home Schooling?

The other obvious benefit of home educating children is that you can be super flexible on when you travel. You are not limited to school holidays, which is normally a more expensive time to travel anyway.

Some who travel the world while their children are young call this ‘unschooling’, which is essentially learning through living and gaining experiences in the real world rather than set learning from a textbook.

Immersing yourself and your family in a new country and culture, some would argue, is the best way to learn about it. This would greatly benefit the developing social skills of children too. By meeting other children from different cultures, they could make friends for life.

The World Is Your Classroom

Instead of learning about the Romans, imagine traveling to Rome instead. Experience life in the rainforest rather than just reading about it. This will truly ignite a child’s sense of imagination, while helping them become more flexible and adaptable to things in life. It also encourages them to gain independence. The cultural awareness they would gain would be significant compared to being in a traditional school learning environment.

So, traveling while home educating or unschooling can be greatly beneficial, not just for the children, but for the family as a whole. Imagine the bond you would feel as a family as you learn all about the world together. It would be a great way to create and collect wonderful family memories, and it beats being stuck in a classroom. Some parents may argue that children would miss having friends in a classroom, but making friends all around the world is something they could never really gain from a more traditional education.

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