How Many People Own Cryptocurrency?

The cryptocurrency industry is relatively young. If we count from the moment the first Bitcoin cryptocurrency appeared, then it is a little older than 13 years. For global industries, this is very little. For example, the stock market has been existing for over 420 years. The world is now developing quite dynamically, and what used to take decades now is developing in years and even months.

In this article, we will understand how many people use cryptocurrency and answer, perhaps, the most important question, “Is it too late to enter the world of digital finance?”. If you want to buy cryptocurrency, the most convenient way is the WhiteBIT exchange, where you can find cryptocurrency prices live and a huge selection of coins and tokens.

How to Calculate the Real Number of Cryptocurrency Users?

The exact number of users is almost impossible to calculate, but we can use the logic and calculate the approximate range of crypto users. Since the first cryptocurrency is BTC, this is the first coin people buy in most cases.

To understand how many people own cryptocurrency, you need to look at the number of BTC wallets created. As of October 2022, 84,5 million unique addresses are registered on the Bitcoin blockchain. You might think that this is the real number of crypto users, but it is essential to understand that the vast majority of crypto users have more than one or two wallets.

Even if we consider that about 84 million are currently integrated into the cryptocurrency industry, this is still a tiny percentage of the total number of people. Now, the adult population of the planet (people over 15 years old) is 5,66 billion. Based on these calculations, only 1,38% of them buy cryptocurrency. So it is safe to say that a real boom in cryptocurrencies awaits us in the future, and so it is not too late to become part of the digital economy at the end of 2022.

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