How to Become a Certified UI UX Designer?

What is UI Design?

The “UI” in UI design means “User Interface”. It is the process of building a graphical layout of an application or a website. A UI designer is concerned with aesthetics and will design all the screens that users interact with while using a website, app, or video game – icons, buttons users click on, typography, colour schemes, images, interface animations, transitions, and any other micro-interaction. In other words, these UI designers create attractive visually stimulating interfaces that consumers find pleasurable to use. Various types of Interfaces are:

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI): Users Interact with visual representations. Eg: Computer Desktop
  • Voice-controlled Interface (VUI): Users interact using their voices. Eg: Smart Assistants like Alexa on Amazon or Siri on iPhone
  • Gesture-Based Interface: Users interact through bodily motions while engaging with 3D design spaces. Eg: Virtual Reality Games

What is UX Design?

The “UX” in UX design means “User Experience”. It refers to an experience a user has with a product or service. He researches to understand the needs of the targeted users and accordingly creates easy, efficient, relevant, and all-around pleasant experiences for the user. He is also responsible to analyze whether the experience has been smooth, intuitive, and logical, or confusing, clunky, and arbitrary. He figures out a solution to enhance consumer’s interaction with the interface that UI designers have created.

Essential Skills:

  • Research & Analytical Skills
  • Skills to create wireframes and prototypes
  • Visual Communication Skills
  • Information Architecture Skills- structured, labeled, and organized content
  • Coding skills

How to become certified in UI/UX design course?

Looking at the vast scope, lots of colleges are offering courses in Interaction Design (UI/UX design course). While identifying the right course, you should take into consideration the following points:

  • The professional certification is recognised at both the National and International levels.
  • The program is aimed at creating meaningful interactions between technology and humans.
  • Every digital interface/interaction is designed to make our lives better. UI/UX is the communication layer between humans (user) and the computer. The course should provide competencies in the basics of HCI (Human-Computer Interaction), principles and practices of user interface, and user experience design.
  • The courses must provide opportunities to handle real-world projects to help students gain relevant experience and build portfolios.
  • Master class with industry experts to help students understand the different aspects of the business, client handling, real-life case studies, etc.
  • The college must offer experience in industry-standard tools
  • The college must motivate students to make decisions while designing a project. They should explain the genesis behind their decision during the presentation of their assignments. Thus helping students gain confidence in their concepts.
  • The college must help the students build supplementary skills that are relevant to this course.
  • The course must provide knowledge in developing wireframes and graphic and web designs, basic programming skills, analytical skills, etc.
  • The courses must help students develop skills to research and analyze competition, ensuing trends, etc.

Now that you are aware of how to become a certified UI UX design course, give wings to your dreams and enroll for a UI/UX course.

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