How to Control Blood Pressure and Reduce Heart Attack Risk?

“If you knew you could change your lifestyle and diet and avoid heart disease and other things, you should do it.” — Laila Ali 

When you come across galring statistics uncovered by the World Health Organization committee, one can only be forced to think about how precious health is. As per the 2019 studies conducted by the WHO it has been declared that almost 17.9 million people die of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks on a global level. This means an average of some 31% deaths are accounted under the cardiovascular category, which is pretty alarming and shocking at the same time.

With shocking statistics such as these coming to the forefront, there is no element of surprise that people all over the world are now looking for means to protect themselves from blood pressure and other ailments which are considered to be some of the starting points of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks. They say that prevention is better than cure, and it is a well understood fact that in order to fight heart diseases, it takes a toll on a person’s well being along with their finances as well.

But, what if we told you that there are certain precautions and measures that can help you do your bit in order to prevent you from the risks of high blood pressure and heart attacks. Believe it or not, with simple changes made right from the start in your day to day habits and lifestyle, a lot of a difference can be made. Let’s start by educating you on some of the simplest ways of doing just that!

Beat the Heart Attack Risks With these Healthy Hacks 

Watch that Waistline: most people are unaware of the fact that obesity is one of the silent killers that can lead to blood pressure spikes and heart attacks. Since, this is a fact which is more or less taken for granted a large percentage of people ignore the warning signs which are often brought to the forefront with obesity and overeating. It is a known fact that those people who have weight increase are the first ones to witness preliminary signs of blood pressure which if ignored for long can lead up to heart attacks as well. Thus one of the easiest ways of minimising the risk of blood pressure and heart attack is by watching your waistline and making sure you don’t put on excess weight.

Exercising your way to Excellence: when people say that an exercised body is home to a healthy and fit body, they are not wrong. One of the sureshot ways of controlling the risk of blood pressure and heart disease is to make sure that you get enough exercise. It could be  something as simple as going out for regular walks or then joining the gym to burn those extra calories.

It’s not how many times you eat, but what you eat that matters: the importance of having a controlled diet and making sure that you eat healthy and at regular intervals can never be of more importance. Most people who are on a diet that includes tons of red meats, high cholesterol and fried snacks are on the risk of an increase in chances of high blood pressure and heart attacks both. It is very important to make sure that you maintain a balanced diet and so that you get equal proportions of green leafy veggies, pulses, fiber and proteins as well.

Control your salt intake

Control your salt intake: in the wake of eating fast food and quick food products, the one thing that has increased in the intake of sodium in the form of salt being used as a preservative. Even the slightest hike in sodium intake results in mounting levels of blood pressure and the more your blood pressure spikes the more are the chances of you experiencing a heart attack which is considered one of the silent killers.

control on alcohol drinks

Reduce the number of happy hour visits:  it is a known fact that drinking in controlled amounts helps in the reduction of blood pressure, however, cross the number of drinks and it could lead to a gradual increase in the blood pressure. Excess of anything is always harmful, and so stands true for the case of alcohol drinks. The moment you start drinking more than the controlled amounts regularly, it will actually lead to a hype in your blood pressure level which is again damaging in the case of heart related ailments.

Burst the bubbles of stress

Burst the bubbles of stress: one of the leading contributors to an increase in the blood pressure is the amount of stress and pressure that we subject to. With the level of peer pressure increasing each person can have a different stress or which could lead to elevated levels of blood pressure. It is very important to ensure that you analyze and figure out what your stress or is so that you can work towards solving it. Doing so will ensure that you keep your blood pressure in check and will also help you minimize the risks of any heart attacks.

Sugar Scrutiny- Check

Sugar Scrutiny- Check: for all those people who have an extra large appetite for sweet delights, you might want to keep your sugar in control as well. The results are not immediate, but a regular dose of sugar overdose results in diabetes and most people who suffer from diabetes mellitus have a 68% chance of dying of a heart related ailment.  In the long run exposing yourself to a high sugar diet will prove worrying and this is something that you can do by ensuring that you eat moderate quantities of sugar loaded diets.

When it is your health that matters the most, it becomes critical to ensure that you do everything to ensure that you are on the right track when it comes to your health and well being. It is never too soon to start taking precautions, but it can always get a little late when you will start seeing the initial warning signs. So, stay healthy, stay cautious.

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