How to find Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance writing is the art of writing for money, where people work for particular clients and not preferably an organization or big companies. The freelance writing jobs online ranges from business writing to academic ones. There are plethoras of impressive and innovative content such as blog posts, marketing articles, magazine articles, etc. that are needed on a daily basis by the clients all across the globe necessitating the need for freelance jobs a lot more. However, there are numerous websites providing freelance writing jobs, but to choose the best among them matters to a great extent. Below are the top 4 platforms that you can trust on while you begin your journey as a freelance writer.


People per hour (PPH) emancipate people to work without restrictions. Its intelligent system lets a talented freelance writer meet the required client within a few minutes. It gives freelancers the idea to discover contemporary ways to broaden their horizons. It also gives the ease of payments options and has the facility similar to that of creating an escrow account. PPH keeps the money transfer glitch-free and has a customer support team to help out in every adverse situation faced by the freelancers or the clients.


It is one of the most trusted online marketplaces, being the priority of millions of freelance writers looking for short term contracts. Fiverr guides the users from the very beginning till the end to make them understand their position on the online platform. It has its own definite way to regard its freelancers according to the work they have provided to their respective clients. It is commanded mostly by young adults who desire to write or enhance the skills they possess. It has a variety of writing and other digital gigs available, which also intends that users get engrossed in whatever they do.


It’s the largest global website present for freelancing in the content writing niche. The freelancer has to complete their profile and pass a test, and then the related writing jobs are highlighted according to their profile. Upwork respects the freelancer’s choices and gives them the liberty to choose the project and clients or reply to their invitations as per they desire. Clients post the content writing jobs in extensive varieties with fair remuneration. Upwork is highly known for flexibility and ease of abounding work and they also have very a strong dispute resolution mechanism. It has thus helped a lot of freelance writers to prosper and get apt opportunities across a variety of domain. However, since the last two years, getting a profile approved for the job of freelance content writer has been a bit difficult as their rejection rate is around ninety-eight percent. The good news is that today you can easily find paper writers online, to help you shape your profile and resume so as you could easily get your profile approved and thus nail good freelance writing jobs online.


It is the freelance space designed especially for skilled and experienced freelance writers to meet quality employers. The payment gateway is also secured by Guru’s safe payment services. Working cooperatively with an agreement lays down the setup of how payments would be made. The available options for paying consist of payment by milestone, tasks, hours, or utilizing the recurring payments. Apart from writing, it provides an array of skills, where users can pay heed to the ones, they are excellent in. It has worked out to be sublime for the writers. Here the customer satisfaction is the only key to prosper and grow.


Be it data entry or legal advising; Freelancer has all the professionals on one platform. You can opt for doing a job by posting your talents, and you can also search for someone to do your job at the lowest bid. It is cheaper and better than hiring a full-time employee for your business. Plus, you also have to pay only after you are completely satisfied with the work. You can opt for the bids and the profile that suit you.

Their customer support is always there to help and solve the dispute if you face any. This site is a blessing for freelancing workers and business employers. Its bidding system allows employers and employees to rate their work according to their own requirements and experience. The healthy competition among bidders allows employers and employees to get quality work at a reasonable rate. The convenience of working from home or comfortable cafés saves from the expenditure of office interiors and bills. No matter how complex your work is, there will always be a qualified artist to do it, making this website as one of the favorite sites for freelance workers and hirers.

To conclude, the freelancing marketplace has evolved a lot and garnered millions of users across various platforms. The immense opportunities available for freelance writing jobs have made many people excel greatly in their area of interest. Also, the monetary benefits which they receive out of their skills boost their confidence. Choosing and reviewing freelancing websites matter a lot while deciding upon coming into the field of freelancing. There are many goofed up sites which turn out to be useless and eventually demoralizes the users. Thus, expanding the skills and knowledge by being a part of the trustworthy marketplace would ultimately help the freelance writers to grow by leaps and bounds.

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