How to Find the Ideal Color for Your Prom Dress?

When it comes to prom, girls get lost in dresses. We all struggle to pick something that will like and which actually suits us. Speaking of which, it’s important you consider the colors that suit you and that don’t.

With that said, following we will tell you how to find your hue, and a color palette that suits you best

Understand Colors

If you can’t pick a color to choose from, you need to understand colors. Yes, it’s important you have some options laid out before you go looking for prom dresses. Colors elicit emotions and visual effects. Red is exciting, blue is a calming. Ever color has a divergent effect attributed to it. All colors have a different temperature.

This is why the color wheel is divided into cool and warm hues. Warm colors are Red, orange, yellow, they generate energy and are related to sunlight or heat. Cool colors are blue, purple, and green, they are serene and are related to cold temperatures and water.

Base Pigment

Pinch your hand, the color that you see is your base color. If its pink or rose, some shade of pink might make you dull. If its peach or bright red, remember right might make you look feverish. If it’s a greenish-yellowhue, then avoid greens and yellows. If there is no color, and all you see is white, then your base color is neutral. You might need further testing to make sure.

Try and compare your skin to solid colors. If you have a red base, then hold your hand to pure red, if you have a red undertone, you will find something between your hand and the red object. If you compare to yellow, green or pink or you can’t find your undertone, it means you have a neutral undertone pigment.


Take a vein test to find your undertone temperature. If they are green, it means you have a warm undertone. If they can’t tell the color between these two, you have a neutral temperature.

In case you can’t see your veins, try the White Test. Look at your complexion compared to a plain white background. Stand in front of a plain white wall or wrap a red towel around your neck and hair. If not, then hold a white paper next to your face.

Take a look at the mirror and take a clear look and your face. If your skin is shadowing and you can see your veins better, you gotthe cool undertone. If your skin is even more toned, it means you have a warm undertone.  It’s important you find your base and undertone before going looking for cheap prom dresses.

Your Perception

You need to find out what colors look good on you and which ones don’t. We all have our perceptions of color, find out yours before going on dress hunting. It will help you make your mind, keep you investing in the wrong dress, and will save your teeth.

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