How to Indulge Yourself During the Weekend

Have you been working hard this week? If you have and you have the weekend off, it is time to indulge yourself and become your own boss. However, this period is a double-edged sword, as many people overeat or start drinking heavily, so you need to be moderate. The weekend is really there for you to relax, take some time off and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Food is just one part of the indulgence process, as there are several other activities that will help you get your thoughts together and be ready for another work week.

Stay active

Regardless if your job is physically demanding, you need to stay active during the weekend. If you spend the entire two days in front of the TV, your muscles will lose their tone and you will do more damage than good. There are numerous health advantages to working out regularly but over the weekend it is enough to leave the house for one hour and walk around the block if nothing else. Of course, this is the bare minimum of physical activity, as you can take a bike and cycle to the riverside or decide to take a run or hit the gym. Whatever activity you choose, just remember that the weekend is not there for being lazy but relaxing and the two activities could not be more different.

Exotic coffee flavors

The weekend is all about getting rid of the toiling routing of the previous five days. That is why the black coffee you drink in the morning should quite literally become spied up. There are numerous flavors that can be added to your morning cup of coffee and there are endless more tastes that you can produce on your own by adding cinnamon or maple syrup, for instance. Furthermore, you can make a trip to the local coffee house and order the most exotic coffee blend or brand they have. No matter how wacky or unimportant it may seem, this is the perfect way to indulge yourself over the weekend.

Completing the to-do list

Because you are so busy during the work week, you have probably made a lot of plans that run out of time during the day to complete. That is why the weekend is ideal for these unpleasant chores, such as visiting grandma at the village cottage or finally getting around to send a text to a friend you haven’t seen for a long time. Remember, the weekend is the time you have to yourself, so it is OK to be selfish and complete your own itinerary.


Apart from coffee, another black delicacy you enjoy is chocolate. If you lead a somewhat healthy lifestyle you are probably wondering is it OK to you indulge yourself in a bar of chocolate during the weekend. The simple and the honest answer is “yes,” as a single bar of chocolate won’t make a difference in your overall calories intake and you will most likely burn that bar in a matter of days. Now, we are not suggesting that you should consume half a kilo of chocolate at once but rather that you should taste high-end chocolate bars like the ones Gift Rebellion offers or even better, surprise your loved ones with a chocolate bouquet, so you can indulge in this creamy treat together. After all, Mother’s Day is just around the corner.

Grab a book and assume a reading pose

It has been scientifically proven that reading is an excellent stress reliever. This is so because of two reasons. Firstly, by ready a book of fiction, your mind will turn imaginative which means switching off the real world loaded with troubles and secondly, you can assume any position you like while reading. After all, you are in the comfort of your home, so sitting, standing or lying don are all viable reading postures. This freedom of choice how you will immerse yourself in the fantasy world from the plot of the novel you are reading is just the thing you need to relax during the weekend.

Watch an odd TV show

You might have noticed that the selection of TV stations, especially if you have cable, has become ridiculously wide. There are programs tailored for cooks, board game lovers or nature enthusiasts. You probably watch just a couple of news stations but during the weekend you can out the remote to good use. Namely, start changing the channels to find the weirdest show possible. If you find it interesting, watch it until the end, no matter how odd it might seem. Whether it’s a History Channel documentary or one of those sleazy reality shoes, this change in viewing preferences will do wonders for your brain which will not find such content tiresome.

Indulging yourself during the weekend does not imply extremes of any sorts. It is all about balance and exoticity, as you should look to use that Saturday and Sunday to try out new activities and flavors. Only this way will your brain be sufficiently amused and rested for another week of toiling.

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