What is the Importance of .NET Framework in Tech World

One of the most powerful development platforms that are required to build a large number of solutions on Windows is called as .NET Framework. Such that, by using the this .NET Framework, the developers can create applications for Windows Desktop, Windows Phone applications, Web applications, Windows Store applications, Windows Azure (cloud),Windows Server, as well as Bot frameworks and cognitive facilities.

Testing for Developers

Asp.net online test like many other testing platforms is the way toward executing a program or framework with the goal of discovering errors and it will deliberately reveal different classes of mistakes in a base measure of time and with a base measure of effort. Testing demonstrates that the product gives off an impression of being functional as expressed in the details and the information gathered utilizing the testing which can likewise give a sign of the dependability and quality of the product. Likewise it can’t demonstrate the nonattendance of an imperfection, it can just show whether programming defects are available or how can they be corrected in order to have the perfect software in place.

So, one can say that the testing is an action that must be finished amid the software advancement cycle preceding the discharge into production as the way toward exhibiting that defects are absent. Besides, the way toward demonstrating that a program plays out all the expected capacities accurately before being pushed into creation. Testing is the way toward building up certainty that a program does what it should do and amid the support cycle of the software, testing is still critical and should be done each time the software is modified.

For hiring managers it is also important to see that the Quality Assurance is in place. It alludes to the arrangement of planned and efficient set of exercises which guarantee various processes in the company meet certain models like ISO 9000 or SEI CMM which give a specific level of trust in the nature of the product being released. This is important to understand. The Quality Assurance Activities include setting and maintaining rules for processes in accordance with International Standards, Performing inward reviews to guarantee adherence to methodology are a portion of the QA exercises however examining programming details, creating asp.net online test designs, test cases, executing tests, making robotized test contents and announcing deserts are a portion of the testing exercises.

Before you explore candidates in the .net online test, understand the .NET Framework, and also you would need to understand the pain areas or issues that developers have to undergo in using other technologies –

Programming with Win32 API – Earlier Win32 API and C language were used but these did not offer Object Oriented Features as C is a structured language. Surely there was no other way to manage the memory either as it was done manually. Therefore using these Pointers was actually a big issue for developers.

Programming with VC++ – Many developers use C++ and MFS as a programming language as it offers the features of Object Oriented language. However C++ is developed on top of C language and therefore the development can still be cumbersome for many new and untrained programmers who are dealing with management of memory and pointers.

Programming with Visual Basic 6.0–It was in 1998, VB 6.0 was used as a development language and it had made efforts to make the development an easier task such as designing the complex user interface, Data Centric applications and so much more. However,VB 6.0 was not an object oriented language and is considered as outdated in the current scenario. The developers still need to go back to Win 32 APIs in order to design Multi-threaded applications

Programming with COM – Component Object Model is basically a specification that is required for developing reusable components and these are called across the languages with names like VC++, and Delphi. However, with COM you also get “DLL Hell”. DLL Hell is the pain area in maintaining multiple versions of a component used for multiple applications.

Therefore it is under the .NET Framework, that many of these issues get addressed and solved.Microsoft .NET Framework provides a large number of benefits as compared with the traditional languages –

  • There are no more COM Specifications in .NET. So, developers now automatically get away from DLL Hell.
  • Language integration is supported by Microsoft .NET.
  • Microsoft .NET Base Class Library offers a wrapper over many raw API calls that can be utilized in multiple .NET Languages.
  • You can use COM components in .NET and .NET Components in COM.
  • A Common Run time Engine is shared by all the .NET Languages.
  • A single framework is required to develop Windows/Web applications.
  • There are a number of languages that enable developers to adapt the .NET Framework for development of the application.

What are the various versions of .NET framework?

This is one question that you can always ask the candidates during the .net online test. So to answer, there are two more versions of .NET Framework which were released after v4.5. .NET Framework 4.6 was actually announced in 2015 in the month of July and then came with support for a new just-in-time compiler (JIT) for 64-bit systems called RyuJIT whereas .NET Framework 4.6.1 was released in November 2015.

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