Make Way for a Lovely Luxury Car to Take you to your Own Wedding in Style!

Needless to say, a wedding is the most important day in a person’s life. A wedding is the successful coming together of the bride and the groom along with their families — one of the most important milestones of everlasting relationships. It can truly be the highlight and the happiest day for someone, if executed properly. With a white flawless dress and a loving partner, every bride travels down the aisle looking her best, on her most special day. A perfect wedding requires ticking off a lot of boxes, starting from venue to décor to food and transportation.

When it comes to transportation, one of the current trending and popular ways to make your wedding exceptional is to hire a wedding car. This gives your big day a touch of style, classiness, luxury, and comfort. Though it’s regarded as an over hyped accessory, it’s quite effective and much-needed. You obviously don’t want any half-measures on your special day, right? You want to have all eyes on you and your partner, as you arrive through the streets in style. Your head-turning car shall come rolling, bringing along both of you as you prepare to walk the aisle to make your ultimate commitments. AA Executive Cars provide you with such an amazing fleet of wedding vehicles. Vintage or not, their expert chauffeur drove vehicles ensure that you reach the wedding venue in style.

Hiring a wedding car can affect the day in quite subtle ways. They give a unique and personal touch to the day’s transportation. So, why settle for regular and boring cars? You can take your pick from an extensive fleet of luxury vehicles. They contain a mix of both vintages as well as contemporary cars. The fond remembrance of riding in a chauffeur-driven luxury car with your better half shall be etched in your memory for the rest of your life.

o   Wow factor: Coming out of a chauffeur driven vehicle, at your prettily decorated wedding venue, is something straight out of a Cosmo magazine. It will add just the needed movie-star-getting-out-at-a-red-carpet feel as you step out with your partner. You are a couple of the hour, and all eyes should be riveted on both of you. And not to forget, all the attendees will be talking about your wedding for months to come.

o   Stress-free: While arranging for and going over all the arrangements and formalities on your wedding day, you will be dead tired. You will no longer be in shape to stress over anything else and especially not over the transportation. Hiring a pre-booked wedding car shall ensure that all you need to do is sit in the car and let everything else fall in place.

o   Navigation: The last thing that you need to worry about on your big day is — how to reach the venue. Hiring such wedding cars shall ensure that you are provided with a friendly, well-behaved chauffeur who knows his job very well. He should have a perfect understanding of all the routes and places you need to be. If yours is a destination wedding, he can even give you a mini tour around the city on the way to the venue.

o   On time: With chauffeured luxury cars, comes the solace and security of the wedding couple. It will guarantee that you and your partner reach the venue on time. Yes, it’s justified to keep your guests waiting a bit, but not so much that they start getting impatient. You need to be on time for all the wedding festivities and your hired car will help you with that.

o   Relaxation: After the entire day of getting ready for the wedding, the wedding formalities, ceremonies, etc. you need a power break. And what better than some exclusive private time with your newly wedded spouse! And that too, in a super luxurious and spacious car. It will help you catch up on some quality time with your better half. And give you the much-needed dose of energy for the upcoming reception.

So, did we convince you enough to hire a luxurious ride for you and your partner on your big day? If not, let us add that these cars do a lot for the wedding photos. They become a highlight feature of your wedding album. And a great story to tell to your grandchildren. And now, having said all of that, as you are convinced (hoping so), we shall tell you what to do next.

  • Tips on how to hire that perfect wedding car:

A wedding car hire should take a lot of planning, for every minute details add up to make your wedding memorable. And a wedding car is one of those things which stand out the most. Choosing the right car can seem to be a daunting task. But here we are, happy to help.

o   Set the budget: This is the very first thing to decide on. It will ensure what make or model of a luxurious ride you can afford. Needless to say, a greater budget will give you greater options to choose from. But, even with a decent budget, you can choose a great ride. And with some car hire companies, you can rent your dream car at a great deal.

o   Wedding theme: Next, you need to make sure that the car you hire plays along well with your wedding theme. Whether you are having a fairy tale inspired or a vintage or a super romantic wedding, the car should resonate with it. It can either be a classic Ford convertible or a Mustang or a limousine, the choice is all yours. But, it should accentuate the theme of your wedding well, and be the icing on the cake.

o   Wedding season: The next important thing to consider is the time and season that you are getting hitched in. Yes, convertibles provide great scope for your wedding photographer. And it’s also super exciting for you and your partner. But, if the wedding is in winter, or at a destination with scorching heat, or during a time when it may rain? Well, not so much!

o   Reputed company: Also, a very crucial factor is that you should go for a car hire only from a well-known and reliable company. Read up their reviews, customer feedbacks etc. so that you are totally sure about it. Hiring a dicey company can result in your wedding car never actually turning up. And that’s going to be really bad.

o   In case of cancellation: And finally, each car rental company has own set of rules and policies. Make sure to inquire about the cancellation policies before finalizing the deal. Also, take note of the insurance policies.

So, these were some of the tips that will make your car hire process hassle-free and mistake-proof. These were most of the things that you will ever need to know about hiring a wedding car process. Get these sorted, and you will have a picture-perfect entrance to begin a tale that’s going to be a happily ever after.

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