How Massage Therapy can Play an Important Role in your Health Regimen

A regimen is a regulated course intended to restore or preserve health. Health regimen can be achieved through diet, exercise, lifestyle or massage therapy. Individuals who strive to optimize their health enjoy a number of benefits. Optimized health will allow you to be at your best self professionally and socially.  People who live a healthier lifestyle are much happier.

A massage therapy plays a vital role in health regimen. Currently,  massage is no longer restricted to luxury spas and upscale health clubs. Massage therapy has been brought closer to customers. The therapy can be accessed in clinics, airports or even malls. With easy accessibility, you can incorporate massage therapy into your health regimen. Here are ways massage therapy can play a key role in your health regimen.

Boosting immunity. A good immune system is a basis of enjoying better health. Therapy has benefits that go beyond easing pains. Incorporating massage into a regular schedule can take a preventative approach to illness.

Naturally, a strong immune system promotes the body’s ability to get nourishment to vital areas

Massage therapy boosts the immune system through increasing number and activity of natural killer cells.

Boosting immunity

As earlier highlighted, massage therapy suppresses stress levels. Stress is universally known to lower immunity. Clinical studies have shown that with a 45 minutes massage, there is an increase in serotonin. Serotonin is viewed as the first line of defense in the immune system.

In HIV patients, massage is known to increase white blood cells. White blood cells help fight secondary infections common among this group of patients. Massage cannot cure diseases but it can maintain a system free of unwanted visitors. 

Better sleep. Research has hailed massage therapy as one way of getting better sleep. Sleep has multiple benefits to your health.  Good sleep improves memory, curb inflammation and lower stress. Massage helps individuals suffering from lower back pain, insomnia to get better sleep. During a massage, people with sleep disorders go into a deep state of relaxation. This can positively affect the body to sleep.

Massage therapy affects sleeps hormones. It increases serotonin, which increases the melatonin helping circadian rhythms to reset. The end result is sleep. As the common saying goes, ‘people with sleeping difficulties lack massage therapy in their lives.’

Lower stress levels. We all need an atmosphere where we can have an easy way to relax at night. However, in the modern fast-paced world, stress is common. Stress can be triggered by loss of a job or divorce among other things. Stress has dozens of negative effects on the body both physically and emotionally. This condition can cause, headaches, pain, fatigue, anxiety and drug abuse.

drug abuse

Stress has to be managed in order to avoid deterioration of an individual’s health.

Massage therapy has proven to be a means of managing stress. Studies have shown that this therapy puts in check stress trigger points. There is a significant decrease in heart rate and blood pressure. For example, during chair massage, measures of oxygen consumption and blood pressure levels are lower. There is no doubt that a stress-free life plays a role in your health regimen.

Boosting mental health. Massage therapy helps the body to relax which in turn helps you to de-stress. This offers a perfect treatment for anxiety, depression, and insomnia. These conditions have a negative effect on our lives. Lack of appetite is associated with depression. When calm is achieved, it allows one to have a better chance of using coping skills. Such skill can be acquired through counseling. Massage activates the sympathetic nervous system. In return, anxiety is reduced and improves one’s mood.

Managing pain. For people with chronic pain, massage therapy is a savior. Achieving a perfect health regimen cannot be possible in painful conditions. Massage therapy can help reduce the effects of lower back pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, postoperative pain, and arthritis.

Managing pain

During a normal massage, the body releases serotonin. Serotonin a chemical found in the body used as a neurotransmitter. The chemical is believed to be a natural anti-pain chemical.

For people suffering from fibromyalgia and arthritis, massage therapy improves pain, reduces stiffness, and increases the physical function. This lowers chances of anxiety and depression when participating in a regular massage.

From the above-highlighted benefits, regular massage therapy is highly recommended. It is therefore essential to check with your doctor. A medical professional will be able to recommend the best sessions depending on your condition.

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