Necessities for Expecting Parents

For those expecting their first child, it can be a nerve-wrecking experience. You’ll make mistakes, of course, and learn new things every day, but taking a proactive approach to becoming a parent can better prepare you to take on the major task. Put the following necessities in your shopping cart to set you up for the most successful transition into parenthood.

WiFi-Enabled Baby Monitor

Being able to take care of your new baby 24/7 is a huge challenge and as a new parent you likely won’t want to be too far from your child at any time. That’s where a WiFi-enabled baby monitor comes into play. A popular choice is the iBaby Monitor which comes with a complimentary app that provides real-time video and audio of your baby. A baby monitor is perfect for parents because it makes life a little easier. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing you do stuff around the house like cook dinner or relax and watch TV while your baby sleeps in a different room.

Smart Sleeper

Getting some shuteye during the first year of parenting can seem nearly impossible. The SNOO Smart Sleeper helps boost sleep for both babies and parents. It’s designed to add over an hour of sleep a night for newborns by automatically increasing levels of white noise and motion, which can quickly calm a baby down and encourage sleep. The bed comes in three sizes along with a fitted sheet and pairing mobile app that shows your babies sleep log and progress, as well as alerts if the baby needs attention due to hunger or discomfort.

Car Seat

A versatile car seat can provide multiple benefits to new parents to make getting around with a baby a lot easier. Try the KeyFit 30, which has a simple-to-install base and indicates when the car seat has been securely positioned. It also works on most strollers, which provides an added level of convenience if you’re out running errands with an infant. Whichever car seat you choose, look out for how secure it is, easy it is to use and the additional features that will make taking a newborn around safely.

Smart Stroller

As a newborn parent, take advantage of smart technology by investing in a smart stroller. The Smartbe is a multi functional stroller with more than 10 functions that you can manage via your smart devices. For example, you can control the temperature of the carry cot, warm a feeding bottle or set off automatic rocking to soothe a baby. It also has an automatic power folding feature and built-in anti-theft sensors and webcam for added convenience and protection. Among its many features, one of the major highlights of the smart stroller is that it’s designed for urban settings and jogging. So, if you’re trying to get some exercise in or pushing the baby around town, the stroller can adapt to a position that adjusts to the center of gravity and increases stability.

With a baby on the way, your life is about to change in a big way. Be sure to set this new journey up for success with the aforementioned necessities. You’ll be thankful as a parent for the safety they provide your child, the convenience you gain while juggling all your new parenting duties and peace of mind knowing you’re doing the best you can bringing a new life into this world!

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