Differences between Node.JS and PHP

PHP and Node.JS both are well known and widely used server-side technologies. Developers opt for both these technologies to build powerful backends for dynamic websites.

Apart from this, PHP and Node.JS both offer extensive features such as cross-functionality, code can run in respective runtime environments, and based on open source technologies.

For website developers, choosing the platform between PHP and Node.JS is the biggest challenge as both have several similarities. However, there are some major differences also that a website developer should know and opt for the technology as per their project requirements.


Basic Overview 


PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is based on the server-side scripting language that first appeared in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf.

This language was specifically designed for website development, but now it can be used for several other purposes. Large enterprises including Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, and Tumblr have built their websites using PHP.

According to Statista, PHP is the most widely used programming language around the world.


Node.JS is a Javascript runtime environment that executes JavaScript code outside of a browser. It is written in C, C++, and JavaScript. Apart from this, technology was built on the Chrome JavaScript Engine(V8) and is an event-driven, non-blocking I / O model.

Tech giants such as Microsoft, Groupon, LinkedIn, GoDaddy, IBM, Netflix, PayPal, SAP, Walmart, and Yahoo use Node.js based software for their corporate usage.



PHP supports traditional and relational databases such as MariaDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. There are several other aspects of ways to use PHP with NoSQL databases. 


Node.JS developers can access the NoSQL database with the library.  This technology can easily integrate with MongoDB and CouchDB. However,  Node.JS requires other formats to work with databases.

Among them, one of the formats is JSON, from which data is sent from the server to the web page. It offers an opportunity for the developers to interact with the new characters of NoSQL databases. 



In the development process, the major task in terms of time-consuming and developers have to put the effort in writing and executing code.

With PHP server scripting language to write and execute code, developers don’t require any compiler and Jar files but there are some obstacles that PHP developers used to face while executing the code faster.


With Node.JS, developers can easily execute code in a faster and smooth manner. While executing the code, it reduces the load requirements on the server.

However, Node.JS takes a lot of time in the process of coding and compiling but to consume that time will deliver the optimized results. 

Deployment and Development


For programmers to code in PHP language is simple and faster. With PHP, they don’t require any compiler or converter to write and execute code.

It offers simple and easy integration with the connection to SQL databases & has no hosting restrictions. For a faster and quick development process, PHP is the best way to complete the project. It offers a short and concise code. 


Node.JS development process leads developers to face the complications. To deploy frameworks for Node.JS developers is not easy as this technology offers complex server infrastructure. 



This powerful backend technology supports Synchronous nature, which allows PHP developers to execute code line by line.


Node.JS Javascript runtime environment is based on an asynchronous nature, in which the Javascript runtime engine runs the entire code in one attempt. This framework doesn’t rely on the function to return.

Web Server


PHP supports Apache web server, along with this in case of machine learning it also supports IIS web server. 


Node.JS doesn’t require any web server as it is enabled to run on its own runtime environment.



Usually, PHP is used for web-based applications. 


Node.JS can be for several development procedures such as web apps, multithreaded apps, game servers, browsers, and a real-time chat system. 



In the development process, frameworks play an imperative role as with this to integrate functionalities turns easier and faster.

PHP offers a huge list of frameworks, which include Laravel, Codeigniter, Symphony,  CakePHP, FuelPHP, and Phalcon. They help developers in several manners in the development process. 


Node.JS list of growing frameworks in increasing with its community. With this, the options for frameworks are limited as experts are working on it whereas some of the popular frameworks areExpress, Meteor.js, DerbyJS and Sails.js. 


These are the major differences between PHP and Node.JS programming languages. Both languages have their own advantages and disadvantages, developers should be aware of the differences.

By knowing the major differences between these technologies, developers can easily choose the accurate language for their project which turns development process robust and simple.

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