Why Your Office Layout might be Harmful for Your Health?

If you are someone who thinks that the layout of the office doesn’t matter, then you are wrong because it does that too extensively. We all spend more time in the office than we do at home or anywhere else so it mustn’t be surprising that every minute of office can lead to affecting our health.

As per the new study issued by Occupational and environmental medicine, it is identified that the well-designed office helps in boosting the lower stress levels and enhances the daytime activity than the offices with the poor layout.

If you are working in an environment that is stimulating, then it is something which makes your mind open for fresh and new ideas. On the other hand, if the layout and atmosphere are dull, then it leads to stifling the creativity.

The poor layout of the office leads to worst offenders when it is linked to harming the wellness and productivity of an employee.

Here are several reasons illustrating how office layout is harmful to the health:

Concentration level goes down

Concentration in the office is, but if the design is not correct, then it is something causing the effect on concentration. In a poor office layout, it gets difficult for the employee to concentrate efficiently. The worst part is that the level of concentration slows down everywhere.

Concentration level goes down

As a normal person, it becomes complex for the employees to concentrate on work and also they cannot concentrate out of the office. Office layout affects the level of concentration severely, and it is essential to look after the issue by management.

Viruses attack

If the office layout is weak, then problems like viruses attack also raises. If there are plants in the office, then difficulties like physical irritability disrupted concentration, nausea, drowsiness, and fatigue can be mitigated. But it is important to note that the plants are natural because only then these issues are alleviated otherwise with the duplicate or plastic showpieces of plants only leads to causing the problems as mentioned earlier for the health.

Viruses attack

In a nutshell, it is vital for the management that they must focus on the problems like these and should ensure that the staff is not facing the issues like viruses attack.

Aches and pains

If furniture in the office is uncomfortable, then it can cause many health issues for the patients. They may have to face the severe problems like backache, neck pain and also a lot of issues.

Aches and pains

It is relevant that the office layout must be comfortable because this is the only way with which staff can concentrate on their work. If there are problems like this then it is probable that they can put any attention towards their work.

Thus, it is essential that the management team should consider this issue and must take harsh steps to resolve them. Layout of the office must be pleasing so that the employees can work with dedication and also to ensure their health is not compromised.

Increased stress level and irritated behavior

The office layout can affect the mood of the employee and can cause serious health issues like stress. We all know that the stress is just not good for our health but when we are familiar with the fact that we have to spend to at least 8 to 10 hours in the office then naturally office layout needs to be good.

Poor office layout is something which can enhance the high-stress level in the employees and also can make them irritated all the time as well. It is imperative that the layout should be beautiful and pleasing.

A satisfying office layout benefits the business in enhancing the productivity of employees which results in reaching the high level of success.

Laziness is all around

When the layout of the office is friendly and attractive, then it is something which mentally motivates the employees to work. But, then on the other hand, if the office layout is not as per their anticipations or poor then it also causes issues like laziness.


These days’ people have already become lazy, and if the office layout is something, then it adds up more. The office layout should appeal to or attract the employees so that they can feel attractive and attentive during their working hours.

Wrap up

Office layout matters a lot, and it is the accountability of the management to look into it. If the employees are not satisfied with their workplace layout, then there is no point of anticipating that they will work with full dedication for the company.

It is essential to keep a note of suggestions from them and must implement in the office so that their health is not compromised by any chance and also to ensure productivity.

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