5 Questions to Ask Before Shipping a Luxury Car

The prospect of shipping a luxury car can be a source of anxiety. Whether you’re moving, selling, or purchasing a high-end vehicle, entrusting it to a shipping company demands careful consideration. The process extends beyond merely selecting a reliable transporter; it necessitates attention to specific details to guarantee the safe and pristine arrival of your prized possession. Before committing your luxury car to a shipping service, it’s crucial to pose the following five essential questions.


1.  What is the company’s experience with luxury cars?

When you’re looking into a shipping company, ask them if they know their way around luxury cars. Not all transport services are equipped to meet the distinct requirements of high-end automobiles. It is crucial to entrust your luxury vehicle to a company with a proven track record in handling such refined vehicles. A company well-versed in the nuances of transporting luxury cars possesses the necessary expertise to ensure a seamless and damage-free transport experience. Their familiarity with the specific needs of luxury cars, coupled with a history of successful transports, instills confidence that your valuable vehicle will be treated with the utmost care and professionalism throughout the shipping journey.

2.  Which shipping method best suits my luxury car?

Luxury vehicles often boast unique features and specifications that require special handling during transportation. The primary car shipping methods are open transport and enclosed transport. Open transport exposes your car to external elements, potentially subjecting it to road debris, weather conditions, and other hazards. While cost-effective, this option might not be optimal for a luxury car. Enclosed transport, conversely, provides enhanced protection. Shielding your luxury car from the elements ensures it arrives in the same impeccable condition as when loaded onto the trailer. Although pricier, enclosed transport is often a worthwhile investment for high-value vehicles. Prior to shipping your luxury car, assess its value and condition to determine the most suitable method. For cars with distinctive features or a high market value, choosing enclosed transport is usually the safer bet.

3.  What insurance coverage is included?

Despite a shipping company’s best efforts, accidents and unforeseen events can happen. Understanding the insurance coverage provided by the shipping company and whether it adequately safeguards your vehicle’s value is crucial. While most reputable transport companies offer basic insurance coverage, it may fall short of fully covering a luxury car’s replacement cost in the event of significant damage or loss. Consider securing additional insurance coverage, often referred to as “gap insurance” or “excess valuation,” to bridge the gap between standard coverage and your luxury car’s true value. Before finalizing shipping arrangements, thoroughly review the insurance options with the company and contemplate obtaining third-party insurance if necessary. Ensure you grasp the coverage limits and any applicable exclusions.

4.  What documentation is necessary?

Shipping a luxury car involves a substantial amount of paperwork. Before the scheduled pickup date, gather all required documentation to streamline the process. Common documents include:

  • Vehicle registration and title: Confirm that your car’s registration and title are current.
  • Proof of insurance: Present documentation of your car insurance coverage.
  • Personal identification: Have a valid driver’s license or passport on hand.
  • Notarized letter of authorization: If someone other than the owner is handling the shipping arrangements, a notarized letter of authorization may be required.

Check with the shipping company well in advance to confirm specific documentation requirements. Failing to provide the necessary paperwork could result in delays and complications.

5.  Can I track my car during transit?

Reputable shipping companies often offer tracking services, allowing you to monitor your luxury car’s progress during transit. Tracking not only provides assurance but also keeps you informed about the estimated arrival time. Before selecting a shipping company, inquire about their tracking options. Some companies provide real-time tracking through online portals or mobile apps, while others offer periodic updates via email or phone. Choose a company with a tracking solution that aligns with your preferences and offers the desired level of transparency.


Shipping a luxury car demands careful consideration and planning to ensure its safe and optimal arrival. By asking these five crucial questions before choosing a shipping company, you can make informed decisions that protect your prized possession throughout the transportation process. Taking the time to select the right shipping method, understand insurance coverage, gather necessary documentation, track your car during transit, and make appropriate pre-shipping preparations will help safeguard your luxury car and provide peace of mind.

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