Selenium is the Best Automated Software Testing Tool. Why

In Today’s fast-growing online world, the customer wants to get services and products faster than their competitors. Customers in a short time want more software releases with new features, but don’t like to work with the defected ones.

Releasing software is not an easy thing and in case if there exist any bugs, may affect the user experience and can bring adverse impact on the company’s brand quality. In such instances, the software testing is essential as it makes a vital role in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Usually, Software testing is a phase in SDLC. At every stage, there exists something to include or to change in software development. Let’s have a glance at the advantages of software and how testing helps to develop software.

Testing software is the process of finding the bugs in the software and make necessary changes to make the software bug free. Testing plays a crucial role in SDLC and improves the performance, quality, and reliability of the system with all the required checks on Do’s and Don’ts of the software.

Testing plays an important role in SDLC lifecycle. Introducing testing at early stages is essential in the life cycle than final stages.  Identifying and resolving bugs at early stages is very helpful and easy in the early stages than in the final stages. Testing at final stages is a risky task.

In the testing process, you are not sure that the software application is 100% bug-free or we cannot say it is entirely defected but considering a testing step will provide user-friendliness.

For instance, let’s us consider a bank software showing zero instead of thousand in the balance amount field due to bug occurrence. If software shows some error message instead of the wrong result would be a better option to use in case of system error.

Software Testing

Why is Testing Important?

  • It is necessary to perform testing in the early SDLC stages; the fixing costs are more if it plays in later stages.
  • Only quality product stays a long time in this competitive market; it is essential to produce a proper quality testing application.
  • Testing is necessary as it is not possible to make any software application entirely defect free. The automated tools like Selenium are easy to handle and are entirely free unlike other expensive testing tools.
  • The environment development is the most critical thing of testing as the testing performed in the testing environment is similar to the production environment.

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Jason R. Huggins and team invented Selenium in 2004 while working in Thoughtworks on a project. No paid tools are available at that time had this kind of functionality, so they had to write their tool to test applications, known as Selenium.

In Selenium, the test cases can be written in HTML or other potential programming languages like C#, Python, Java, etc. supported by Selenium.

The Selenium suite including Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium IDE and Selenium Grid is more comfortable and most straightforward to learn. Selenium being the potential and cost-effective testing tool is the primary option for testers to test.

It has become the first choice for the testers to test Web and GUI applications. This It helps in achieving performance goals in an effective manner with less time consumption.

In the software industry, if any product has been launched and reached its manual testing phase, the company thinks of automated testing to save time and costs involved in manual testing.

Cost being the primary factor for any project, organizations have started implementing open-source test automation tools like Selenium in place of expensive testing tools.

Being an open source tool, Selenium has no official support. It is a useful tool with few drawbacks and limitations and automation engine based on JavaScript as browsers have security limitations to JavaScript’s.

Mostly core programming languages skills are necessary to achieve tasks in Selenium.

Selenium Importance in Software Testing

Selenium is a vital testing tool for software quality assurance. The number of websites launching every day is increasing continuously, and it becomes essential to test websites against distinct quality fractures to ensure that it meets the expected quality goals.

Selenium is a widely available free software testing tool in the marketplace to test web-based applications and their performance. Capability testing is the main feature of Selenium across distinct operating systems and browsers.

Major Selenium components include Selenium RC, Selenium Grid, Selenium IDE and WebDriver.

Why is Selenium the Best Testing Tool in the Marketplace?

Let’s us discuss clear reasons for being why Selenium is the best testing tool in the marketplace.

Many companies are spending a lot of bucks for testing while Selenium -the completely open source tool available for performance test with unlimited capabilities and reach without any price.

It is a known fact that paid tools provides limited actions and upgraded versions could perform desired operations. Selenium stands out in this aspect as anyone can download its latest version and can use it.

As an open source tool, Selenium can be modified and provides a way for the testers to make changes according to their needs and requirements.

These are the significant features making Selenium more adoptable and flexible among companies looking for skilled Selenium testers.

Selenium training is a typical testing environment today, and if you are proficient in using Selenium and for sure, you can playtesting.

How this Selenium is in vogue for decades and getting popular yet compatible? Well, there are several reasons for this. Let’s have a look at them:

  • The first and foremost reason is that it merely does what APIs assert.
  • Being an open source testing tool, Selenium helps us to dig deep into it to understand how it works, and calls for change and accessible for everyone in the community has the power to do so.
  • It doesn’t require expensive tools requires special license and hardware like several valuable paid tools. As Selenium is a free tool having good programming proficiency, you need not have other costs involved in it.
  • Selenium has terrific community support. If there are any queries to which you have no answers, you can contact the core contributors. In case, if you don’t get answers in time,  the expert community members will assist you according to your requirement.
  • Selenium-based automation caters all the necessities of teams essential for complete automation. It’s quite easy to get suggestions and ideas in large numbers, and also fixes are also quick fixes are always available.

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Responsive Tester Career Map

It is excellent news for us that there is a bright future for automated software testing in this digital era. Continuous inventions are rolling every single minute around us.

It is a challenging task for those who are not ready to adopt these technological advancements and unaware of the facts that are in store for us.

Some advantages of being on the track are as follows:

  • Quality Analysts needs a mind-shift in addition to technical discipline as it becomes more challenging and complex.
  • Product architecture is the essential skill as it helps you understand about automation requirements at each phase of the pyramid and in the coming stages.
  • Test automation is the essential aspect of development. Well-versed developer practices and applying them to testing has to become an expert in test automation.
  • Quality Analysts have knowledge not only about website automated testing but also about mobile and interactive apps ten years ago.
  • BDT (Behavior-Driver Testing) is one of the primary ways to discover and design a suitable regression suite to stay away from anti-patterns.

Now you have an understanding about Selenium and its importance in software testing field. If you want to make your career in this domain and have no knowledge, just enroll for a course today.

Future of Automated Testing with Selenium

With its increasing effectiveness and efficiency, automated testing is gradually replacing manual process. Selenium automated testing with this regard has become more potential with the testers and is their first preferred testing tool.

Organizations are increasing adopting Selenium for commercial testing purposes in the recent years. Cost is the primary factors for choosing of Selenium as enterprises today are opting for cutting costs.

Selenium in today’s competitive environment has become the cost-effective yet flexible tool with a steep learning curve. The advanced Selenium tools like IDE enables developers to record, debug and edit the tests without any extra effort.

Some test scripts are available to edit and optimize the test management scripts manually. The automated testing enables the developers to debug the code at any instance providing a path for them to make it useful and user-friendly at any stage in SDLC.

The auto-completion features are used to optimize the test scripts and to proceed with the command with all necessary edits.


However, flexibility is the most significant strength of this automated testing. The user can add new functionalities to the test scripts and framework. Being open source, you can easily modify and download anytime.

Having sound knowledge of Selenium automated testing or hiring a selenium professional having the same provides maximum testing benefits.

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