6 Signs It’s Time for Roof Repair in Fort Collins

Sometimes even the most diligent homeowner neglects needed roof repair in Fort Collins simply because he or she doesn’t recognize signs of damage! While most homeowners realize that water dripping through the ceiling typically indicates roof holes and leaks, this is not the only sign that it’s time to call a roofing contractor. Check out 6 signs of potential roof damage and needed repairs for your home, so you can schedule timely fixes and know your structure is always in excellent condition.

1. Buckling or Waves? Call for Fort Collins Roof Repair!

Classic clay tiles are naturally curvy, which adds to their beautiful aesthetic and which allows clay to “breathe.” However, other than naturally curvy clay, a home’s roofing materials should lie flat against the structure, without buckling or waving.

Buckled shingles might have dried out so that they’re now brittle and shrinking, creating a wavy appearance. Poor-quality roof repair in Fort Collins can also result in wavy or buckled shingles, as they pull away from the roof underlayment and decking to which they’re attached.

Algae growing between shingles and tiles can also loosen them, creating a wavy appearance. Whatever the cause, if you notice roofing materials that aren’t lying flat against the roof, it’s time to call a contractor for needed repairs!

2. Discoloration Can Mean It’s Time for Roof Repair

Soot, air pollution residues, tree sap, and other debris can cause discoloration along a roof’s surface, and your home might not need anything more than a high-quality pressure washing to remove those stains. However, water damage can mean discolored tiles and shingles, and what you see as discoloration can actually be “bald spots,” or areas of missing shingles!

If you notice discoloration along the home’s roof, your first step might be to schedule a thorough roof cleaning. If this doesn’t remove that discoloration, it’s time to call a contractor for a full roof inspection and to check for potential damage.

3. Don’t Overlook Granules and Nails in the Gutters!

Granules and nails in the home’s gutters or collecting along the lawn and landscaping close to the home should not be overlooked! Age, inclement weather, tree branches rubbing or falling on the roof, and other damage will scrape granules off shingles and pull them away from the roof decking to which they’re nailed.

In turn, you might see granules, nails, bits of torn shingles, flecks of rust, and other such debris collecting in the gutters or ending up on the lawn near the house. Don’t ignore this debris or assume it’s only natural, as those granules keep standing water off the home’s roof, reducing the risk of damage.

When nails rust or start to pull away from roof decking, this increases the risk of losing shingles such as in storms and high winds. To avoid these risks, schedule a roof inspection if you should ever notice granules and other debris in the gutters and elsewhere.

4. A Damaged Roof Can Affect Interior Insulation

A home’s roof plays a major role in its overall interior insulation, helping to keep your heating and cooling inside while also keeping out exterior humidity, heat, and cold. Roof holes, worn shingles, and other such damage can let out your interior heat and cold while also letting in outside air, creating a very uncomfortable interior environment.

If you’re running your furnace or air conditioner, those cracks and holes along the home’s roof will also let out your heated or cooled air, so that the HVAC appliances will cycle on more often than they should. You might notice higher utility costs, a stuffy environment in summertime and cold drafts in winter, and a furnace or AC that seems to run constantly! If so, rather than assuming you’re simply facing some unusual weather, have the home’s roof checked for potential damage.

5. Be Alert to Storms and Harsh Sunlight

Colorado is known for its harsh winters, which can wreak havoc on roofs and lead to premature damage. Heavy snow and ice put added weight on a roof, weakening its structure, while high winds can strip shingle granules and pull shingles and tiles from the roof decking. Hot, direct sunlight also dries out shingles, risking curling and buckling.

While standard weather conditions are rough enough on area roofs, strong storms and especially harsh summertime weather increases the risk of damage! Be alert to weather conditions over the years and schedule regular roof inspections, but especially if strong storms have moved through and after especially hot summers. This will ensure you schedule roof repair in Fort Collins as needed, and that your home is always in good condition.

6. How Old is Your Home’s Roof?

A home’s roof has an expected lifespan, just like any other building material that makes up the structure itself. Just as wood framing might soften and weaken over the years so that you eventually need to brace up the subflooring or replace wall studs, roof shingles and tiles will eventually degrade and break down.

Different roofing materials have different expected lifespans; asphalt shingles might last 20-30 years, while clay, slate, and metal roofing might last 40-60 years. If you’re not sure the age of your home’s roof or even the roofing material, schedule an inspection! An experienced and skilled roofing contractor can note the material type, overall condition, signs of damage, and if your roof needs cleaning, algae removal, and other such maintenance along with repairs.

A homeowner might also schedule regular inspections over the years, even if the roof is relatively new and in good condition. Strong storms, poor-quality installation, falling tree branches, and other such factors can mean premature damage and the need for early repairs. Your contractor can also note if the roof is in excellent condition and shouldn’t need fixes for several years!

Keep these points in mind and schedule roof repair for a Fort Collins structure if you notice any of these issues with your property. Timely repairs will keep that damage from getting worse and ensure your home is always in good condition and looking its best.

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