SMS Text Marketing is the Ultimate Tool for Mobile Engagement

All over the world business owners and marketers are on a relentless lookout for ways in which they can tap more customers by improving the mobile engagement level with them. Easier said than done, this is something that most of the businesses and brands want to champion.

For existing or any newfound leads, SMS text marketing seems to be the most effective and productive way to do so. Several studies and researches have proved that SMS marketing can help businesses and brand to get into an instant communication with the customers. This has made this mode of marketing the most favored one amongst the marketers to make the best of the most effective platform for making any purchases: mobile.

A relevant SMS sent to the customers at the right time in the most strategic way possible typically helps the businesses to keep their customers satisfied and at the same time are able to make them engage happily with their brands.

Effects of growing number of mobile consumers

Over the years there has been a notable increase in the number of mobile consumers. These customers usually prefer and appreciate a text message that contains an easy and simple link in it that allows them to access the official website of the brand to know more about the brand as well as the products and services offered, if they wish. There are several reasons to it.

  • First, it is the simplicity of text messaging that appeal to the customers
  • Second it is the ubiquity of the text messaging channel
  • Third, it is the power of this channel that makes it the most distinguished business to consumer engagement channel
  • Fourth, it offers several benefits to the marketers who are looking for ways to engage with their target shoppers
  • Lastly, it is the best channel for the mobile devices that ensures customer convenience and preference are respected.

While there are several marketers who are still playing catch-up with such mobile engagement, the recent trends and rise in the demand of SMS marketing suggests that convenience holds the key position in expanding mobile engagement. When it comes to responding to the expectations of the consumer, text messaging is one of the most proven approaches for the mobile marketers wishing to have a highly effective customer engagement strategy.

It provides more revenue

Another reason that most of the mobile marketers want to send text message invitations is that it allows them to have more revenue.

Text messaging is extremely popular and has even left the social media platforms behind. According to recent research it is revealed a lot of surprising stats on text marketing such as:

  • People all over the world spend about 85 billion hours in just three months being involved in text messaging
  • Text messages have the highest rate of opening which is almost 98% and
  • It is expected that text messages will become much faster and have a higher response rate than any other channel.

All these are simply due to the fact that this platform is convenient and simple, two of the most important factors that the mobile marketers are looking for.

In addition to that, the fact that text message marketing is able to create more revenue, this message marketing software is used more exponentially now than before by the mobile marketers. It has also become the most tactical component to the retailers and different other brands when it comes to a diverse range of mobile marketing use cases.


Unique advantage to retailers

Text message marketing delivers some of the most unique advantage to the retailers as well. According to the recent studies it is seen that brands and businesses that use SMS text messaging as their marketing tool can dig out more promotional gains when they offer mobile coupons.

Since the mobile channel is the first point of interaction between the brands and the consumers, there is no prize for guessing why the marketers use this channel to make the best of the tremendous opportunity that it provides.

  • It helps to leverage the marketing efforts and results by sending tailored promotions
  • It helps to create a better brand awareness and enhance the loyalty of the customers to wards the brands and
  • The rewards offered by the businesses such as mobile coupons help the customers a lot in their buying journey.

In other terms, SMS texting and the offers made by businesses through it are more effective and result driven that makes the journey of the customer more mature.

Retailers use more mobile coupons now than paper coupons because of the convenience and simplicity factor, once again.

A recent study conducted on mobile coupons that surveyed 1,200 consumers showed that there is certain urgency in delivering text messages. It revealed that:

  • 60% of the consumers admitted to have redeemed their mobile coupons received through text messaging within a week and
  • 25% planned to do the same within three days.

These figures and findings evidently underscore a very useful context regarding consumer preference. It makes it easy to understand that consumers redeem the coupons that they receive through text messaging simply because it is convenient for them to store and there is no need to carry or forget to carry the coupon as is the case with the paper coupons.

Finally, the study also revealed that half of the people surveyed preferred a text message that comes with a link to a mobile coupon.

Increase loyalty program engagement

It is very easy to ensure that the loyalty programs are accessible to the consumers when text messaging is practiced by the marketers. This results in an increased member engagement. Studies revealed that more than 75% of the consumers are more willing to participate or reply to a loyalty program alerts if these are accessible from a smartphone.

Therefore, with such facts and figures it is easy to deduce that businesses and brands that want to step into the mobile-first world of today must connect their business with their customers with text messaging only to earn more leads and business revenue.

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