Solutions to Different Window Breakages

Glass windows are one of the most important components of many domestic and commercial properties, be it houses, shops, offices, warehouses, flats, and many more different property types. Windows surprisingly have many different purposes and benefits for different types of properties. For all properties, windows allow in natural lighting, can be opened to allow in fresh and cool air, can insulate buildings, and also can be used to let out smoke or steam. For specific properties, windows have their own individual benefits. An example of this is windows allowing potential customers to see what are inside of the shop. Glass is so important that when it is broken, it requires repair or replacement as soon as possible. Breakages to glass are more than just cracks or the glass shattering. This blog goes through each of the types of window breakages and how they can be resolved as soon as possible, be it repair or replacement.

Shattered Glass from Break-In

Shattered glass or glazing from break-ins or any other cause cannot be repaired. If a glass panel has shattered, it will require a total replacement. This is because it is near enough impossible to piece the shards of glass together, and if it was possible, the glass would be much weaker and vulnerable to breaking again. If in the unlikely instance that one pane of glass has shattered in a double glazed unit, it is entirely possible to replace the single unit. Even though it is possible for a single pane to be replaced, it is highly recommended to replace the entire unit to ensure maximum efficiency of the unit. Replacing a single unit could potentially lead to inefficiency of the entire unit, for example, losing the gas between the two panes results in ineffective insulation.

If any windows have shattered in a domestic or commercial property, the window can be replaced in a very short time. Windows do not take long to install, meaning you will not have to spend a long time without a window. If you are concerned that people could break into your home due to a shattered window, get in touch with your local glazier. They will be able to fix the window as soon as possible to prevent any unauthorised access to the property. Providing the glazier has the correct size glass, the new window can be installed within moments.

Cracked Glass

Cracked Glass

Minor cracks on small or large windows can be repaired with ease providing the glass has not fallen through. This is because a minor crack is unlikely to heavily affect the efficiency of the window. Minor or major cracks do not affect the efficiency of a window as much as shattered glass if the glass has not fallen through. Major cracks on glass may not heavily affect the efficiency of the windows; however, it is highly vulnerable to breaking. If the glass has a major crack, it may be best to completely replace the unit.

Glass used for shop fronts is usually extremely durable and would require a lot of impact for the glass to fully shatter. When the glass on shop fronts takes a lot of impacts, it usually just cracks, and still remains intact. The glass used for shop fronts is constructed to be very tough to prevent burglaries. This is why the glass is near enough impossible shatter. If you are the owner or work for a shop with a glass shattered front, get in contact with your local glazier who will be able to repair the glass as soon as possible. The glass on shop fronts is simple to replace just like single panes of glass on domestic properties. Whilst you wait for the glass to be replaced, your shop will remain insulated and safe if the glass is still intact.

Misted Windows / Condensation

Misted Windows

A misted window is when condensation appears between the two panes of glass in a double glazed unit. This is classed as a failure and damage to the unit. A different type of damage compared to cracks and shattered glass. Mist occurs often because of poorly fitted units or because of age and wear and tear. Mist between the panes of glass can result in water leakage and lack of effective insulation. This can be highly frustrating and can affect people inside of the property. In offices or homes, poor insulation can leave people inside of the property cold and can increase heating bills. If you have noticed mist appearing between the panes of glass on your windows, it is important that you get in touch with your local glazier as soon as possible. In most cases, the unit will not require a full replacement, and will only require a minor repair. The glazier will be able to detect how the mist is entering the unit and will be able to repair the unit promptly.

Window Repair Bristol

Winter is approaching, meaning it is vitally important to have effective double glazed windows in your home or property to ensure warmth and minimum stress levels throughout the colder season. If your current windows are damaged, contact Cornish Glazing for window repairs in Bristol. Cornish Glazing can repair or replace your damaged window, depending on what will be the most effective. This blog was written by BD, who is the content writer and marketer for Cornish Glazing. BD has a passion for the growth of businesses and inspiring people with his unique content.

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