How to Prepare for the Amazon Black Friday Sale of 2020

The Amazon Black Friday sale of 2020 is among the most anticipated sales events of this year. Amazon sellers bent on maximizing sales and profit are just as excited as the consumers looking to enjoy big discounts, as sales are expected to hit $5.8 billion dollars in that week alone. Preparing for this big event and leveraging effective sales strategies cannot be understated in this quarter. Here are some tips on how an online seller can best prepare for the Amazon Black Friday sale of this year:


  • Check your stocks


Check your data from Q1 to Q3 and base your sales projections on this. Sales for a specific item on a normal day may double or triple on Black Friday. Compare this with the data on your Q4 sales from the past three years and restock accordingly. Which item sold the most? Were there any product returns? Which products were these?

Replenish those items that are currently out of stock or those that are likely to sell out based on the gathered data. Have enough in your inventory and make sure you don’t sell out as this will cause you to lose your Buy Box.

  • Be Strategic on Your Pricing and Offerings

Discounts and deals are important during this buying blitz because they help boost sales, but use them wisely. Other sellers price their products too low to gain more traffic. Sellers all want to win at price wars, but discounting too aggressively too soon may result in profit losses. Protect your margins by employing strategic pricing or getting Amazon repricing software.

Most experts agree that buyers are willing to modify their spending to enjoy free shipping benefits, which is why you’ll find many stores offering free shipping deals. They also advise that sellers tend to benefit more from discounts that promote higher cart value or quantity instead of sitewide discounts. A 35% discount for a minimum spend of $200 is also more enticing from a buyer’s perspective than a sitewide 25% discount.


  • Bundled Product Offerings


Consider offering bundled products. While consumers will likely appreciate the deep savings there, you can also enjoy the profit and sale of the individual items. This also accelerates exposure. If you have products that complement each other and you’re selling them as bundles, you’ll want to pre-pack them ahead of sale day.


  • Ramp Up Your Marketing Efforts


Most consumers consider Black Friday as the start of the holiday shopping season. This is the best time to ramp up your marketing efforts. Optimize your campaigns and launch your advertising as soon as possible, if you haven’t already. Starting your advertising campaigns on Black Friday week might be too late. Check your internal links because we don’t want consumers leaving your landing page or your store (or not getting there, to begin with) because of a broken link.  Use email and social media marketing to pique your customers’ interest and hype your store offers. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great opportunities to build up your company’s sales velocity and are well worth all the ad spends.

  • Optimize Your Amazon Listings

Determine the keywords that people are likely to use on that week, such as “Black Friday,” “Cyber Monday,” or “Christmas” and use them wisely when you post your listings. Aim for customer conversion, not keyword stuffing. Spammy titles or listings that do not sound natural may negatively impact your click-through rate.

Include the brand name and a concrete description of what the item does and its properties like its color, size, and material in your product listing.

Do customers usually use acronyms to locate your product? Is the product name commonly misspelled during searches? You can include both as backend keywords.


  • Pre-Black Friday Sales


Sales and discounts don’t necessarily start on Black Friday. You will find a lot of stores slashing their prices earlier than that. This is because consumers start building their shopping lists and searching for holiday sales in the first week of November. You’ll gain site visibility by starting a pre-holiday shopping season sale on your promotional items. If people don’t buy from you at that point yet, there still is a big chance that they’ll come back and buy your product on the big day itself.


  • Customer Service


With so many merchants trying to win consumers over, Thanksgiving is going to be quite a hectic weekend. You’ll want your buyers’ transactions to be seamless. Don’t lose potential customers over a few hiccups in the system or because they’re unable to reach customer service. Have a team of customer support representatives at the ready and make sure they are trained to combat any possible problems, especially on that weekend.

  • Customer Review and Feedback

Aside from raking in sales, this is also an opportune time for you to get customer reviews and feedback. Email those who have bought your items over the sale week and ask them to write a review. It is wise to send them an automated email within a few days after the transaction while they are still in the honeymoon phase of the purchase. About 90% of Amazon customers trust verified store or product reviews.

Most of the customers on this sale weekend are price-driven, which results in price wars among sellers. Sellers should be able to strike a balance between winning traffic while maintaining profitability. Beyond offering discounts – which is what most online stores would be doing – it helps to come up with personalized offerings that cut through the noise.

Hobby Lobby Black Friday Sale

Hobby Lobby’s entire department is devoted to art supplies and tools. Hobby Lobby stocks a huge selection of holiday decor throughout the year and carries so many wonderful products, ranging from some new stylish wall decor, festive holiday decorations, or just basic craft supplies, Hobby Lobby has it all. For the Black Friday Sale the store opens at 8:00 am Friday and is closed on Thanksgiving. Shopaholics can check out for amazing deals at the Hobby Lobby Black Friday Sale.

Since the 2018 ads are not yet out, keep checking out for the latest but in the meantime, take a sneak peek into last year’s sale to get a fair idea of what you can expect this year.

During the Hobby Lobby Black Friday Sale the store packed with huge savings on home decor and art supplies. The promotions included fall and Christmas decorations, with Christmas trees, crafts and decor for up to half off and up to 80% off on selected items.

Analyzing the past records Some Probable deals which shoppers can expect to find this year as well are:

  • 50% off framing, including custom and photo frames.
  • 30% off furniture.
  • All kinds of Fabric at great Prices — including Christmas fabric and fall apparel fabric for 50% off.
  • Select crafting kits and supplies 30% off. 

In the Home Décor Segment – Doorbuster deals on fashionable furnishings including Posters, gallery and Photo frames, mirrors, wall art and lighting for your home décor 

  • 50% off Home Decor Ceramic Decor
  • 50% off Home Decor Clocks
  • 50% off Home Decor Lamps & Lampshades
  • 50% off Home Decor Adhesive Vinyl Wall Art
  • 50% off Home Decor Mirrors
  • 50% off Home Decor Decorative Crosses
  • Pillows, Rugs & Throws at Half the Original price
  • 50% off Men’s Resin & Ceramic Decor
  • 50% off Home Decor Polyresin & Pottery Decor
  • 50% off Home Decor Candles, LED Candles, Fragrance Warmers & Diffusers
  • 80% off Fall Home Decor, Floral and Crafts
  • 50% off Christmas Trees
  • Sylvania Mini Light Set, $4.99
  • Sylvania Icicle Light Set, $12.99
  • Sylvania Net Style Lights, $9.99

Christmas- Celebrate the festive season with Christmas Decorations for your home and garden.

  • 50% off Christmas Décor
  • 50% off Christmas Floral Arrangements, Bushes, Wreaths, Garlands, Swags, Stems, Picks and Ribbon
  • Red & Gold Beaded Cone Tree

This Plastic cone shaped tree with red glitter and gold bead stripes can be set on your shelf, desk or any flat surface to enhance the festive spirit. Available during the Black Friday Sale @$7.19- $11.99 ( Discount -40% Off)

  • Jute Star Tree Topper with Greenery

The beauty of this star lies with its tips wrapped in jute string with an acorn top at each point, artistically decorated on both sides with Christmas foliage in the center surrounded by, red foam berries, dark brown twigs, faux pinecones, green faux pine needles, and to give a snow effect painted white as snow. Can be placed on the top of your Christmas Tree and can be bought for Only $8.99 ( down by 40% ) during the Hobby Lobby Black Friday Sale.

  • Poinsettia Garland with Decorative Spheres & Glitter

A glittering beautiful touch of class for your doorway, stairwell or along a wall this Poinsettia garland made of red velvety fabric add sparkle to the festivities. Being brought to you at a never before price at $41.99 over its regular price of $69.99.

  • Merry Christmas Plaid Wired Edge Ribbon – 2 1/2″

The print on this ribbon offers a seasonal plaid design with Merry Christmas motif in the centre and is ideal for wrapping around gifts, twisted around Christmas trees, and strung along almost any surface. Available at the Store for $5.99


  • 50% off Floral Stem Naturals, Floral Stems, and Flowering & Greenery Bushes
  • All Activity & Craft items ,Paint & Pencil by Number Kits, Acrylic Paint at 30% off , Children’s Activity Kits, Mayberry Street Dollhouse Furniture and Miniatures, Candles Wax, Candle Gel, Soap Blocks (2 & 5 lb) & T shirts are all available at great discounts
  • Crayola Washable Neon Paint Set – Available @$7.99

These washable water-based Neon Paint are non toxic great for art, crafts and school projects.

Colors Included:

    • Radical Red
    • Blue Attitude
    • Unmellow Yellow
    • Purple Pizzazz
    • Shocking Pink
    • Atomic Tangerine
    • Mad Magenta
    • Screamin’ Green
    • Black Night
    • Winter White
  • All Purpose Artist Brushes – Pack of 7 for $2.99

Paint your way to bring out the creativity in you with these fun brushes with translucent handles and brushes of various shapes and sizes to cater to all your artistic needs. Now available at a great deal at Hobby Lobby Black Friday Sale.

  • Metallic Washable Paint Set

This pack of six non- toxic washable metallic paints is great for art and craft projects and can be used on most paper surfaces. Hobby Lobby Sale Price @$9.99. Colors Include:

    • metallic gold
    • metallic silver
    • metallic red
    • metallic blue
    • metallic green
    • metallic purple

Unleash the creativity in you by grabbing some awesome deals from the wide collection at Hobby Lobby Black Friday Sale

  • I Love this Cotton Yarn, $2.66
  • 30% off Premium Poly Foam, Nu-Foam & Smart Foam
  • 30% off Artiste Floss & Threads
  • Display and Flag Cases at 50% off
  • 50% off Photo Frames
  • 50% off Ready Made Open Frames
  • 50% off Posters and Custom Frames
  • 50% off Explorer by Tradition Jewelry Making
  • 50% off Beads
  • 50% off Metal Gallery, Swarovski & Create Your Style
  • 50% off Bead Stringing

Hobby Lobby acts as a Black Friday stress reliever. So unlock the Hobby Lobby deals during the sale also valid in store and online through the Saturday after Black Friday.