Taking Advantage of the Home Downsizing Trend

From millennia’s to retirees, the newest trend in home buying is moving towards a more simplistic lifestyle. Times are changing and with uncertain economies around the world, there is a greater need for affordable sustainable housing.

Younger adults that are looking to buy their first homes are much more concerned about things like environmental impact, smaller carbon footprints and a less materialistic lifestyle. On the other end of the spectrum, we are seeing younger and younger people retiring into a mature lifestyle. The senior generations is living longer and healthier than ever and are looking for more easily maintained and simpler home lives.

The popular trends of the Tiny House movement and Off Grid Living have been gaining popularity in the past few years. There is an inherent need in many people to get back to the more basic fundamentals in their lives including their housing choices.

Millenials have learned from past generations that there is no advantage to living outside of your means. Living to work is not what interests the younger generation. They are looking for quality, reasonable living that allows them financially to still live a full life.

Prefabricated homes are the answer that many of these folks are looking for. Save money on construction costs, design your own original dwelling and still have all the comforts you need with a smaller environmental impact. With urban expansion and soaring real estate costs, building your own custom prefab home is an excellent option for those looking to downsize in a big way.

Costs Less

If you have decided to build your home instead of purchasing and existing building then you will enjoy the full construction and design process right from the beginning. Once you purchase the perfect piece of land, your home with start being built off site immediately. The biggest difference is in the base price. Prefab designs can save you as much as 40% on the price of your home.

There is less on site construction time and the components themselves take much less time to assemble in the warehouse. Because your onsite construction will be done in a much shorter time period there is no need to use diesel guzzling heavy equipment like cranes on the site. The modular pieces that make up your home are precisely designed to fit seamlessly together without any wasted building materials.

Because of the innovative designs that are available, you will be able to save money on your heating and cooling costs especially if you have chosen to switch to solar power. Being independent of the power grid can save you thousands of dollars a year.

Easier To Maintain

Not every homeowner is a DIY handyperson. There are a certain number of maintenance requirements that come with owning a home. With a prefab design, the maintenance required will be limited. Designed to address regularly found flaws in home design, your house will be streamlined in all its aspects.

Many designs follow clean and simple lines of construction. This lack of intricate detail leaves you with elegant and easily maintained lines. The modular sections to your home are precut and fitted to provide the tightest seals and strongest construction available.

When you are downsizing it’s not just about a smaller home. With a smaller house comes a smaller life. Get organized and lose the clutter that is bound to collect in a larger space. Having everything that you need without a lot of extra stuff taking up space is a great way to keep things simple.


Never before has there been so much concern about the impact that our choice in housing has on our environmental footprint. Home buyers and builders today are much more concerned about the green options that are available to them in a home.

Building a prefab home is the most efficient and eco-friendly way to construct a new home. Because the homes are primarily constructed indoors in module pieces, there is no risk of material damage from the elements producing waste. The modules themselves are specifically cut and formed based on specific measurement so you end up using all of your materials efficiently.

Recycled steel, wood and concrete make up the majority of the building materials. There is no use of toxic chemicals in the wood and the insulation is done with polystyrene foam that is water resistant as well as completely non-toxic. There are many designs that include the use of solar power, low water features and even an external water cistern. It is entirely possible to get set up to live completely without the need for any use of fossil fuels if you choose.

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