Top Ten Foods You have to Try in Paris

Trying foods in France will make all your trips a lot more fun, and you should start to give some consideration to what you will eat when you get there. Think about the foods you want to try, and them remember that you have some things you need to get that you really cannot get anywhere else. You have to try these ten things, and they will be an adventure that you probably do not get anywhere else.

The Cafe

Go to a cafe so that you can have a real olive tapenade, and you need to have a new French onion soup with that. They do it right, and they make it so that you can enjoy it no matter what you are doing. You can order this in any bistro you want, and it will be totally perfect for you.

The Wine

You also need to pair for your food with good French wine and champagne. This means that you will be able to start off with five things that make your whole trip worth it to you. You can get up in the morning to go to the cafe to have some crepes, and you need to remember that eating these is unlike anything else. They make them different in France, and you have to try them so that you can get the whole experience.

The Rabbit And Frogs Legs

The next step is to go to a nice restaurant because you only have four more nice things to go, and you should start with rabbit and frog legs. They make these things right in France, and they taste a lot better just because the people who are trained in France know what they are doing. You get all the right seasoning, and you can move on to snails if you want. They also know how to cook this right, and it is so much better than anywhere else.


You can also go for some foie gras, and you should think about how it will feel to eat it in the right style. You only have one more thing you should try, and now is the time to consider how it will taste when you get it from a chef who knows how to make it the right way. You can finish up with the ratatouille that will help you get the best results, and you will notice that you can eat what is probably his family recipe. These are all great foods to try, and you need to give them a shot today.

Food Tours

You have to get some food tours in you, and it does not even matter what it is. Run across a guy who is making sandwiches on the tour, or you can get a guy who is selling a type of ice cream. Just think about how good that will be because you can walk away with your food. There is a Secret Food Tours company that will give you an inside look at what Paris is all about.

Tom Stevens loves France, and he has fallen in love with French food. This is his top ten that he believes everyone needs to know.

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