Try These Free & Highly Flexible Tumblr Themes for 2020

There are free themes that you can enjoy. But simple Tumblr themes are the best choice for you. Start using Tumblr themes for your blogs today, and it will improve your experience. You will enjoy the responsive interface on your Tumblr blogs. It has various styles you can use to design your site. The free Tumblr themes have many features that make it unique for you.

Are you looking for something that can match your preference and style? You do not have to look further. You can customize or redesign your blogs through free Tumblr themes. It offers you a chance to create pieces of blog interface with ease. You should know how to use web designing and CSS tables.

You can post links, audio, video, and images. You can follow blogs posted by other Tumblr users. This will enable you to observe the content they have posted on your feed. The grid layout of Tumblr posts offers you infinite scroll. You can scroll via posts by other bloggers and also your posts.

You can pretty design your blogs, choose from the simple Tumblr themes you would like to use. This article explores a collection of best themes for you. Choose the one that suits you. This is when it comes to blog design.


Would you want to keep your artist post in focus? This is the best simple Tumblr theme for you. It is crisp and fresh. That is why it will offer you precisely what you are looking for. Use pation for your website. It will significantly shake it up. Every time you reload your website, it will rearrange your pictures. Is that not a fantastic feature?

You may be looking for something with a professional look. Pation will offer you precisely that. If you want a theme, you can customize, make pation your choice. It has front options that you can easily use. Its hover styles are amazing. Choose pation, and you will enjoy its unique white and black theme.

Pation is highly optimized. It keeps your experiences efficient and swift. This is because it is compatible with all web browsers. It does not matter where you are. You can perfectly open your website.


You may be a lover of tidy and neat blogs. Harbor suits you well. It is among the ideal simple Tumblr themes you can use. Do you post Tumblr quotes or a lot of articles? You may also be interested in a personal branding website. Harbor has a minimalistic style that does call that for you. It allows you to adjust fronts and blog headers. Adjusting headings is easy for with harbor theme.

It is compatible with many browsers. Besides, it can adjust to many view screens. This makes your blog to function anywhere you may be.

If you are a beginner, this is among the tremendous free Tumblr themes for you. It allows you to play around with its settings. Harbor is super fun and easy for you to keep using. It will adjust many things for you automatically.


You may have come across several free Tumblr themes. But you have a few fun favorites among them. Simplify will give you an optimum reading experience. It comes with a clean layout, formats, and slick navigation. All this makes your user experience unique.

Simply has an exclusive night mode. You can use it to view this unique part of it. You will not have eye strain. It enables you to read in dim lights. Simplify is driven by Google analytics. Therefore, this enables your traffic. To know the number of users you have received on your website, it is easy for you.

Choose to simplify. It can make your things more comfortable. You only need to care for one thing. That is writing fantastic content to your Tumblr account that is inspiring.


Are you looking for an aesthetic Tumblr theme? Here you are. Sugar is among the best simple Tumblr themes to serve that purpose. You can use the sugar theme if you fancy fashionable and trendy themes. It will offer your website a clean and colorful look.

If you are a creative artist, this is a theme of your choice. You can create the most impressive portfolio with it. This if you are a freelancer. It allows you to showcase your talent beautifully. The sugar theme offers you astounding color palettes. You can choose from such varieties. Do you have a unique taste? Its grid style is customizable.

You are mostly looking to increase your audience. Sugar allows you to share your content on interest, twitter, and Facebook. You will attract many users from those platforms if you want to adjust and customize your theme. Sugar allows you to do it freely. It can allow you to apply varied block sizes. Also, different heading fonts are available for you to use.


You can offer your website a revamped look. Such a look will bedazzle your users. Centric is a bubbly free Tumblr theme you can use to achieve that. It will correctly work for you. It does not matter the Tumblr account you are using. Centric will give you the best service you yearn for.

You can quickly get started with centric. It is easy to create. With just a tutorial, you will be done. Its social media widgets offer you secure connectivity. Centric theme keeps your readers bowed to your website. It has an email subscription. This pops up and sends emails to your users, giving them regular updates. For any kind of content, you do not need to worry. Centric supports it all. It can be your quotes, blogs, audio, videos, and even photos. You will get excellent service for all those when you use the centric theme.

Are you looking for a theme that will organize your content? Centric will filter it via rags. To navigate around your website in a user-friendly manner, You can use it. It offers you smooth and faster services. Isn’t that matching with your preference? Then, this is the best free Tumblr theme that suits you well.


You can attract traffic to your website. You need to use the best theme. There are free Tumblr themes you can use. Choose any of the above choices. It will enable you to make your website elegant. You can post blogs, audios, and photos with that taste you have always wanted. Just use any of the themes explored for you in this article.

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