5 Things that Twitch Streamers don’t want You to Know

Ever noticed which kind of Twitch-Streamers have the greatest number of subscribers? Actually, the answer to this is not very obvious. Twitch is the largest Live-Streaming Platform for Gaming, has some clever “Trending Streamers”, which of course have gone beyond the boundaries of just Gaming, to increase their Viewers and Donation. Released in June 2011 as a spin-off of the general-interest streaming platform, Justin.tv. The site fundamentally centers on video game live streaming, including broadcasts of eSports competitions, in addition to creative content, music broadcasts, and more recently, “in real life” streams.

Human-nature is very predictable, right! We naturally pay more attention to content with the most controversies and entertainment. Yes, that’s precisely how the Twitch-live Streamers with fancy usernames try to trick the audience into selling their content and make most of the money out of it. It’s not like that they are deceiving us; it’s just the way how dark these streaming platforms can sometimes be.

Top 5 Facts About Twitch Streamers

Promotion of their streaming is one of the most essential steps to be a successful twitch streamer. Let’s put some light to one of the most common trends among the Twitch Streamers to promote their content.

Overtly Using their Sexuality

The most common way instantly of increasing the viewers-count is Exposing Body, or even using the slightest of the sexual content or gestures. This is the all-time favorite content for the audience, and the Twitch-Streamers happily exploit this for their popularity. Talking about their fantasies and their physical relationship in the live stream was not enough, over exposition and sometimes on camera planned incidents of full nakedness is one of the common tricks the streamers use.

That is sometimes the Streamers use little tricks to purposefully slip the sexual content into their Live-Streams, making it look like it was just-by-mistake or they were unaware of the fact that their system was streaming live.

Not that Twitch is blind-sighted to all this nuisance building-up, a lot of Streamers using such content are being banned for good.

Seeking Sympathy with Disabilities

Yes, as pathetic as it may sound, many Streamers increase their viewers by using their Disability on purpose for attention from the crowd. This is another excuse for calling the Online-Tips as Donations or Charity.

Not offending the Disabled ones with some actual talent, but to the ones who use their physical problems, it’s really shameful to display such sensitive content for a greedy purpose publicly.

And of course, what’s even worse is, there have been Streamers who “Fake” some disability on Live-Streams. It seems like our audience can’t trust anyone on Social Media platforms anymore. But being as honest the public is, those who practice this regret by losing a massive number of followers later on.

Using Voice Alterations

Some of the latest trending Streams which you can download using Twitch Clip Downloader tools are with people talking in altered, unusual voices, which is obviously gaining a lot of users’ attraction. The all-time favorite voices are the Baby Voice and Cartoon Characters. A lot of the Streamers have tried to mimic someone or the other to woo the viewers.

It has to be admitted that yes, such content is fascinating to watch, and nothing is morally wrong in it, but one can’t leave his actually Personality for long just to gain attention. This type of content can get viewers, but of course, not for very long. Some hate it, some love it but after all, everybody wants entertainment which results is gaining popularity by the streamer. They don’t want you to know what their real voice is, so they keep on pretending until the brim.

Mocking Other Streamers

Really! Gossiping publicly? As interesting as it may sound, it is one of the most disgusting ways of increasing one’s viewers. They expose or even Fake some rumors about other Streamers of the same kind to increase their own Subscribers. They also plan with other streamers, and they don’t want you to know that, this was all scripted.

A lot of controversies and Online-wars gain much attention of the general users who really like to sneak into such gossips and rumors. What’s worse is, such kind of fights may actually end-up in users trolling or threatening one of the Streamers of something maybe which he isn’t perhaps a part of.

But yes, such Streamers do get a lot of attention for a really long period of time.

Pulling-up Prank on Others

Really? Disturbing or irritating unknown people just for popularity? Yes, this is what most of the trending Twitchers are doing. Recording the reactions or Expressions to seek some attention.

And what’s more to it, they keep the prank as silly as possible. Blowing horns, hitting a sleeping person, or even randomly kissing anyone out in the public. Practically thinking, how are these pranks even supposed to be funny?

But yes, sadly, our audience is really interested in these Streams and are always supporting such Pranksters.


So, these are the five things twitch streamers don’t want you to know, because at disgusting it sounds, but they had to practice these dirty tricks to remain on the charts.

But Twitch is no fool, a lot of streamers got banned in the past, and as for now, specific rules and regulations are made which every streamer has to follow if they intend to be active on Twitch.tv

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