Vaping – Benefits, Fun facts & More

For the past decade, vaping’s popularity and usage has been exponentially growing, and is considered by many as a much better alternative to smoking. First-time vaping can be a problematic and therefore, you need to go through the article. In this article, I will talk about the benefits and facts about vaping, which go on to prove why the vape market is considered to replace the smoking market for good in the near future.

Staying away from the stinkies:

One of the primary benefits of vaping compared to smoking is the elimination of bad smell. You can always detect a smoker just by the smell coming out from the smokers mouth, and this really puts a bad impression of the person in others minds. What’s worse is that the smoker feels isolated from the crowd and has to find a separate spot just to satisfy the craving. This is mainly because a lot of people have objections to smoking – rightfully so – due to the harmful effect of the second hand smoke. The positive aspect of vaping is that it does not have a strong second hand vape effect on others. This was found out in a research carried out by the Center for Disease Control, as after testing vape shops, they found out that the Occupational Exposure Level was even below the allowed level. Moreover, as the vapors are inhaled, there is no unpleasant smell as the scent fades away immediately.

Talking about keeping away from the stinkies, smoking also adversely impacts the smoker’s dental hygiene, skin and blood circulation. All of which is not to be found through vaping.

Health Benefits:

Vaping is considered to have no neither any short term or long term adverse health effects. Moreover, due to the fact that there is no combustion of chemicals in vaping, vaping does not lead to problems such as lung cancer or cardiovascular diseases. About 6.6 million lives can also be saved if only 10% of active smokers shifted to vape.


Another major benefit of vaping is that it is pocket friendly. According to the Dallas News, an average smoker spends around $2250 per annum on cigarettes, while e-cigarettes cost around $1100 to $1800 per year. As the technology is improving and new products are coming in the market, it is highly possible for e-cigarettes to get even cheaper in the future. The reason for e-cigarettes being a cheaper alternative is that you only need to purchase a kit once, after that, your only expenditure will be on batteries and cartomizers. Cigarette addicts can save tones of money just by switching to e-cigarettes, especially when tobacco products are increasingly being taxed heavily. Although mainstream vaping or e-cigarettes are a cheaper alternative, there are luxury vaping products available in the market too. Some high end vape pens end up costing the buyer hundreds to thousands of dollars due to the fancy design, built quality and materials.


When you talk about vaping, you talk about the flavors. Users have the option to choose from countless different wholesale e -juice tastes such as vanilla, watermelon, grape, caramel, orange, strawberry, chocolate just to name a few. These flavors make the whole experience of vaping more enjoyable and fun. Its amazing that a lot of ex-smokers completely left their smoking addiction due to the alternative flavors offered in vaping, which made vaping a better option. Some estimates indicate there being up to 8000 different flavors. Interestingly though, as time passes by, more weird flavors are being introduced too. Examples of weird flavors include a fruit loops flavor (Yes, the cereal), nacho cheese, hot dog and espresso

Helps quit smoking:

As mentioned above, a lot of smokers are switching to vape which is without a doubt a more safer option. They consider vape as a step towards quitting smoking permanently, as there is ample evidence, which shows that serious smokers have stopped smoking for at least 3 months after picking up vaping. On the side, the smoker also ends up coughing less, reduces irritation and gives people a sense of more energy. Improved sense of smell and taste along with a better blood circulation. Furthermore,  a study conducted by the Public Health England reports that vaping is 95% more of a safer alternative than smoking and it is a practical approach of quitting smoking. Finally, a survey by Ernst & Young found out that nearly 49% of users vape as it helps them in quitting from smoking.

A greener alternative:

According to Medium, among all the benefits of vaping, it is also a greener option. It does not have the damaging effect to the environment which smoking has as it causes a rise in greenhouse gases and atmospheric pollution. It also eliminates the chances of fires originating due to poorly disposed cigarette butts, which are considered a major reason for fires.

No residue or ash:

Another plus point, no ask or residue. Gone are the days where you have to worry about the messy ash or disposing the cigarette buds every now and then.

Rising popularity:

It is reported that about 9 million adults in the United States vape regularly, while the number of vapers globally increased form 7 million in 2011 to 35 million in 2016. According to BBC, the market for vape products is also experiencing a great boom, which is evident from the fact that the market has risen by about $18 billion in a matter of just 5 years as it is now valued at $22.6 billion. UK, United States and Japan carry the most number of vapers.

The rising popularity is also clear from the activities of the vaping community which coming up with new and innovative trends. One of them being “Cloud Chasers”, a term which describes the person creating the most massive clouds. Some people have actually turned it into a sport. Cool tricks are also performed through vaping, as blowing smoke into rings or making other remarkable shapes fascinate the crowd. Vape enthusiasts also take part in vape competitions  such as the World series of Vape and International Cloud Championships, in addition to participating in vape conventions.

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