What to Do After a Car Accident Injury

No one wants to get involved in a car accident. However, these things happen when you least expect them, and without a warning. And when an accident happens, it is important to know what you should do next.

Every year, there are tens of thousands of car accidents in the United States alone. Millions of people are injured, and thousands are killed as a result.

There are certain steps that you should take, right after the accident. These steps will help increase your chances of obtaining substantial compensation for your damages, as well as help protect you and everyone involved in the accident.

Here are the main things that you should do right after a car accident.

Get off the Road

The first thing that you always want to do following a car accident is to get to safety. You want to try and get off the road as quickly as you can, and help everyone else involved if they are unable to walk or move. The upcoming vehicles have no clue that there was an accident, and they may not slow down. As a result, they may end up hitting your vehicle. If you get trapped inside your vehicle, you are in big trouble. Get off the road as quickly as you can.

Inspect Yourself

Check yourself for any injuries or open wounds. If you are bleeding heavily, be sure to apply pressure on the wound until the ambulance arrives. Also, if you have a fracture, try not to put pressure on it. Everything you do now can help save your life.

Call 911

Be sure to have someone call the police if you are unable to. Simply yell for help and someone will do it as quickly as possible. Once the police have arrived, speak with them and tell them what happened and how it happened. Be as concise as you can, and get into details. They will compare your version of the story with the other party’s, and file a report. Ask for a copy of it, to be later given to your attorney.

If you do not have an attorney, now would be a good moment to find one. Consult with Los Angeles car accident lawyers and schedule a free consultation to learn more about your legal options. Perhaps you are eligible to file a claim against the party responsible for causing the accident. You will not know for sure until you give them a call.

Gather Information

If you are able to and if your injury does not prevent you from it, try and gather information about the accident. Look for any clues that could help you at a later point. Things that you should try and memorize (or obtain are):

  • The other party’s information (name, address, license, ID, phone number)
  • The other party’s car model, type and color
  • Information about your vehicle
  • Information about your injuries
  • Information about any of the witnesses (if any are present)
  • Information about the other party’s insurance company

Keep a File Related to the Accident

If you can, keep all files and information about the accident in one file/folder. That way, you will have quick access to all the information needed. Among other things, you should also have the information about:

  • The claim’s adjuster (who is handling the case)
  • Go To The Hospital

After talking with the police, you want to go to the hospital and get checked for any potential injuries. That way, you will get proper treatment and also prevent any future injuries from developing. A medical professional will take care of you, and once they are done, they will file a report on your injuries. You can later seek a copy of it and send it to car accident attorneys. Based on the report, you will be able to seek compensation for your injuries received following the accident.

Note: If you do not visit the hospital and get checked for any injuries, you may risk losing the right to seek compensation for your injuries, as you will not have evidence that you obtained those injuries from that particular accident.

Consult With Your Attorney

Once you have received treatment and have healed from serious injuries, the next step is getting the right legal advice. You want to be 100 percent sure that you know what the best course of action is. The only way to find out is to consult with an experienced attorney, someone who has had hundreds of similar cases in the past, and someone who knows exactly what to do. Someone like Los Angeles car accident attorneys.

Speak With Your Family Members

Always consult with your family members. Seek information and help regarding what you should do next. If your injuries are life-changing, your family members will provide you with the words of comfort that you need to move on. You will need their help and support in the days to come, especially if you will not be able to return to work any time soon.

File a Claim

Once ready and somewhat healed, you should speak again with car accident attorneys in Los Angeles and file a claim. Lawyers will take care of everything, leaving you enough time to take care of your injuries, as well as to spend some additional time with your family.

Remember that this process is usually long and that even after filing a claim, it may take up to two years before your case is successful. That means that it will take some time before you can receive compensation for your damages. With that in mind, you should spend your remaining money wisely, especially if you are unable to go back to work.

Note: Never spend the money that you do not have. Even if you are 100 percent sure that your claim will be successful, do not spend the money before you actually receive it.

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