When is the time for New AC Installation Houston, TX?

The air conditioners are designed to last for 15-18 years and if they are well-maintained, then another 3-4 years can be added to their lifespan. However, once the air conditioner reaches its 10-year period time, it will start giving you issues. The severity of the AC problem will depend on the way you have maintained your air conditioner. So, if you are experiencing those repairing days and have no clue as to what to do next, stress not. The following tips are given by the experienced experts of AC installation Houston, TX, who will help you understand your situation clearly and better.

Average Lifespan of HVAC

When the talk is about the HVAC system, the only thought that crosses our mind is cooling comfort, filters, thermostat, and AC remote. The whole HVAC system comprises more than just these things as it comes with many moving parts. Understanding the system will give one a clear picture, making them focus on the part’s wear and tear.

One of the most important parts of the air conditioner is the air filter. Keeping it clean and maintaining it regularly will not only improve the quality of the indoor air but also will help in extending the system’s lifespan. All issues start with dirty filters, as it will make the system work harder, straining the parts, which would eventually lead to breakdowns and parts replacements before time. Get in touch with the best AC repair services Houston, TX, and schedule a regular maintenance plan to add years to your air conditioner.

Since the air conditioner can last for 15-18 years, if you want to add more years to your system, then the only way is by cleaning the air filter and air ducts on a regular basis. It is one of the long-term investments, but can also give you trouble and breakdown anytime. Therefore, the following tips will help you decide the right time to call the air conditioning installation services Houston, TX, for a new AC installation.

Signs That Indicates AC Replacement

  • Not Enough Cooling – This may look like a simple matter, but if you are not getting enough cooling from your system, then it can be because of many reasons. It can last from compressor issues to damaged motor parts. Contact your AC experts and look for an affordable option. if the pricing goes beyond your budget and does not offer guaranteed years, then opt for a replacement option. However, if the issue can be fixed by spending small amounts, then go for repairs. This factor also depends on the age of the system. If it has crossed 12+ years, then go ahead with the replacement option.
  • Moisture and Leakage Around the Unit – It is a serious issue if a large pool of water is found near the unit or has a constant issue with a refrigerant leak. These issues not just damage the system, but also pose a great risk to the inmates’ health.
  • Uneven Cooling Zones – Most of the time, the issue mainly lies with the thermostat. If it is broken or repaired, then it will prevent the system from operating effectively, thereby resulting in uneven cooling and hot spots. Get this issue checked by the professionals and see whether the culprit is the thermostat. If so, then you will be lucky to replace just the thermostat. But if not, you will have to replace the entire unit.
  • Passed Age Limit – If your system has completely completed its lifespan, then good for you. You will have to be proud of yourself for successfully completing the air conditioner years. Not every owner is lucky because of many reasons, they will have to get rid of the system before time. However, if your system has passed its limit years and is giving you constant repairing troubles and low efficiency, then the best option is to opt for a new air conditioner. These new models are energy-efficient, provide the best cooling and also save money in the long term.
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