When should You Hire a Tree Lopping Expert?

Tree lopping refers to the process of removing branches of a tree. To most people, it is seen as an important and necessary task. But, although you can undertake the task yourself, there are several good reasons why you should hire a tree lopping specialist.


If you have a dead branch in your tree it needs to be lopped. Failing to remove it results in vital nutrients going into the dead piece of tree. That’s not beneficial to the rest of the tree that needs the nutrients.

Of course, that’s not the only reason to lop a tree. It may be getting too tall, perhaps tangling in overhead power lines. Equally, you may simply want to maintain the shape and look of the tree, removing branches can help you to achieve that.

Or, you may find that the tree has been damaged but can be saved with the right approach.

All of these situations will warrant the loping of branches. But, a tree lopping expert has the knowledge and experience to know which branches should be removed and how best to protect the health of the tree.

While you may simply remove branches, they will adopt a systematic approach that places the health of the tree at its center. That means the tree can stay in your yard for many more years.


Trees tend to grow tall. In fact, the tallest trees in the world are nearly 400ft tall! While the tree in your yard may not reach this heady height, it will be tall enough to cause you an injury if you fall out of it while lopping it.

A tree lopping expert will have the ladders and safety harnesses to ensure they can climb the tree successfully and remove the necessary branches safely.

It’s important to note that a branch can look small from ground level but, once you cut it, you’ll find it’s a lot bigger than you think. Never underestimate the amount of damage a falling branch or tree can do.

Safety is also important if the tree is tangled in power cables or other overhead lines. Using the right approach will ensure the tree is successfully and safely removed from the cables.

When to Hire

Trees are generally best lopped in the early spring. However, damaged or dangerous trees can be lopped at any time of the year.

The key to tree safety is to know your tree if it changes then you should consult an expert to ensure it remains safe. Ideally, an annual inspection will help you to be sure that the tree remains healthy and safe.

If you have any concerns or the structure of your tree seems to have changed you should contact a tree lopping specialist. They will assess the tree for you and advise whether their services are needed and when it will be best to make the changes.

That decision will rest on whether the change in your tree is dangerous or not.

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