Why use Text to Speech Software for your Business?

The time spent on digital content is ever rising and so is the need for convenience. The worldwide population has become selective about the information they seek on the internet which means the web content has to be dynamic and accessible to every and any visitor. Thankfully text to speech software (TTS=Text to Speech) address this need by converting any content be it a website, a digital book, an e-learning content literally into human voice in an easy and affordable manner.

Is this the only reason one needs simple text to speech software for read-aloud text like Audio Reader XL? Definitely not! Many who are new to TTS and are interacting with individuals having learning difficulties are not fully aware of how beneficial text to speech software are for such groups. TTS has multifold benefits for various groups of people across the globe. Today let us share with you all possible reasons why we need text to speech.

Benefits for Various Learners

  1. Text to Speech Software Helps People with Learning disabilities:

Those having a difficulty in reading large amounts of text due to dyslexia and other learning disabilities can seek confidence and motivation using text to speech software as an assistive learning tool. TTS offers an easier option for experiencing a website’s content and is a great option to engage them in learning effectively as it reads out the typed text and provides opportunities to make corrections to submissions if required.

Helps People

2. Comforts those with literacy difficulties:

Few people with basic literacy levels often face frustration struggling to browse the internet simply because the majority of it is textual. Text to speech software provides such people with literacy hurdles an option to hear the text and eliminates the need of reading it. Thus, with TTS they can obtain valuable information in a far more comfortable manner and reduce the heartburn caused by spending time browsing endlessly.

3. Appeals learners with different learning styles:

Different people learn in different ways as few may be visual learners while others may be auditory learners or kinesthetic learners. Studies have suggested that a combination of the three works best for most learners. No wonder that initiatives by the legislation focus on teaching through the use of technology and adaptable lesson plans. Text to speech software appeals all learning styles and facilitates the comprehension and retention of information for a maximum number of such learners.


Benefits for Content writers and Publishers

  1. Improves  Accessibility to Diverse population:

Text to Speech Software increases the accessibility of online content to a larger percentage of the online population including people with visual impairments, reading difficulties, senior citizens and also multilingual crowds or those whose native language is different from the language of the website.

2. Projects Social Responsibility:

Text to speech helps deprecate digital divides and boosts your image as a socially responsible online content provider who makes information accessible in both text and audio versions.

3. Text to Speech Software facilitates automatic redistribution:

Automatically re-distribute your online text content in an alternate distribution channel i.e audio format.

Benefits for Educational Institutions and e-Learning Publishers

  1. Text to Speech Software helps Improve Student Comprehension:

Using TTS, e-learning websites can present educational content in a manner that increases the student’s comprehension and accessibility of online courses and textbooks to a larger percentage of students.

2. Text to Speech Software Facilitates Bimodal Content Presentation:

Using text to speech software for PC , information can be presented in audio-visual formats at the same time and improve the word recognition skills, vocabulary, reading comprehension, memory enhancement, fluency, accuracy, positive attitude towards reading, concentration and perceived performance.

Benefits for Other Content Patrons

  1. Forein Language and Multilingual people:
  2. TTS provides speech options for the foreign-born audience or migrated population willing to learn to speak and understand the native language but have difficulties in reading in the second language. Sometimes such people may be capable of reading content with a basic understanding, but with easy text to speech software, they can comfortably take in the information as the latter makes it easier to comprehend and retain.
  3. Text to Speech Software for on the Go Users :

Small screen devices like smartphones and tablets can strain and exhaust readers who access a great deal of content. Text to speech software simplify the work and allow people on the go with much-needed information without extensive scrolling and aggravation.

4. People who multitask:

Given the jam-packed schedules and a busy life, people would prefer simultaneous activities instead of just reading online. TTS with text to speech software for Windows 10 provides a chance to listen to the content and allows them to do something else while they audibly enjoy the latter.

5. Visually impaired:

Imagine the kind of strain reading can put on visually capable readers and afterwards think how difficult it must br for those with poor or no eyesight at all. Text to speech proves to be comfortable and convenient for the mild/moderately visually impaired. Thus, a text to speech software is a companion that allows the visually challenged to grasp all kind of content in solace instead of strain.

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