Is Windows 10 the Most Secure Operating System

We all know that Windows OS is not as secured as Mac OS and Linux. The main reason is that Windows is the most popular and most used operating system in the world. Therefore, most hackers are only trying to affect the people using Windows OS.

At the same time, Apple devices have better encryption and security. Apart from that person that own Macs and other Apple devices in most cases pay for Premium and Professional anti-virus and anti-malware software that will protect their device for a long time.

However, the Windows 10 is something different when it comes to security and safety, and we will present you how and why.

Is Windows 10 Secure Enough?

First, we have to mention that Windows Hello hanged their game in security features by adding two important things that affected the entire world. The best thing about it is that you will get fingerprint and face recognition feature, which still appears as science-fiction, but it is not.

On the other hand, Windows 10 applied two essential features:

  • Device Guard
  • Credential Guard

These two features will help you protect the core kernel from attackers and malware from taking control of your computer from somewhere else.

Microsoft added two game-changing security features for enterprise users in Windows 10, but until recently, the company has been relatively quiet about them. Of course, you have to understand that these two features are mostly made of the business system,and you can use them in Windows 10 Education and Windows 10 Enterprise.

Device Guard is an excellent way of protecting yourself because it has virtualization security that will allow only trusted apps to run on the device. At the same time, Credential Guard will preserve any identity inside the PC by isolating them in a virtual environment.

The idea is that Microsoft isolates everything in the virtual machine to block any hackers from attacking and getting sensitive information.

It Contains Built-in Anti Malware Tools

Microsoft has developed AMSI (Antimalware scan interface) that will catch any malicious script and possibility in the memory. It doesn’t matter if it is an application or another form of malware because it will process it through internal memory and recognition tester. This is the significant step towards stopping script-based attacks on Windows OS.

According to experts, most hackers and cyber criminals use script-based attacks, and in most cases, they use PowerShell as the way to improve their campaign. It is essential to discover assaults from PowerShell because most operating systems find it hard to differentiate it from legitimate behavior.

At the same time, it is difficult to recover afterward because PowerShell script attacks can easily enter any part of network and system and strike it from within. Therefore, every Windows system before had a problem with PowerShell attacks, but not anymore.

Since the first attack by Power Shell, defenders and security experts found a way to catch on. Even though it is difficult to detect scripts on disk, and it is not so easy to stop them at all. AMSI is trying to catch scripts on host level, which is the input method before it enters and interferes with the system and other information.

The main problem with AMSI is that it cannot function alone because it relies on another security method. It is vital that Windows administrators always monitor Power Shell logs. Of course, this is not the perfect security feature. It cannot help you detect obfuscated scripts such as registry keys, WMI namespace and event logs.

Credential Guard

Credential Guard is the perfect way to secure reliable information and credential. The idea is that Windows will store credentials within the virtual server and away from user mode operating system. Therefore, if anyone enters and compromises the PC, your credentials will not be transparent and available.

Most attackers rely on the ability to steal user credentials and domain because that is the first step of accessing other computers. When you are logging into PC, your credentials will stay within cache memory. In previous versions of Windows, you could find all those info at Local Security Authority.

Because they decided to isolate information and credentials in a virtual container, your Windows 10 will prevent attackers from stealing it and restrict their ability to move around. The combination of Credential Guard and Device Guard could easily stop APT attacks.


However, these features are not for everyone, as we have mentioned above. From the beginning, it is made for enterprises and education operation systems. However, we can easily say that in the future all Windows OS will have these security features that will protect you from any attacker online.

It is difficult to protect yourself from hackers, because they are not machines, so as security develops, they can obtain new knowledge and techniques of breaking. Therefore, even this protection will be breached in one moment of time, but it is crucial to stay ahead of them.

Windows did that by adding these fantastic features. What do you think about it?

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