5 Ways to Up-cycle Unwanted Wooden Pallets for Your Home

When your home requires a makeover, sometimes a money-saving solution could be staring you right in the eye without you even knowing. Upcycling unwanted materials and furniture is a great way to achieve just that, whilst adding towards your room decor to provide it with a different kind of personality that’s extremely unique. It can be a particularly practical solution if you find that what you’re looking to do to your space is just a little too expensive.

One unwanted item that’s easy to find in the home or the hardware store which can be relatively useful are wooden pallets. Especially since they can come in all shapes and sizes, making them the ideal item for sprucing up the home regardless of how small or large they appear. Here are 5 ways you can upcycle wooden pallets to add a bit of natural character to the different rooms in your home.

Bed Frame As A Wooden Pallet

It’s quite common to find designer beds created with wooden material, forming the base and the headboard of the bed. So, why spend so much on something that you could probably create yourself with a little bit of DIY skill? The pallet may require a little washdown and sanding to prevent stains appearing on your crystal white bed sheet, but once the hard part is done, all it’ll require is a mattress on top and you’re practically good to go.

A wooden pallet bed frame looks completely natural in a bedroom considering the number of storage solutions made by the material for bedroom purposes. Most beneficial of all is you’ll be sure that the bed remains sturdy and won’t be breaking down anytime soon, providing a long-lasting solution to your bedroom needs.

Coat Rack

Ever find that you have plenty of visitors and guests coming to your home but have practically no space to put the items they bring with them? Well, why not transform your wooden pallet into the ultimate storage solution by transforming it into a coat rack? This can be particularly handy if you have no space for a standing coat rack but don’t want to fork out too much on a wall rack either! All you’d probably need is a little bit of colour, some hooks for jackets, a screwdriver and drill. Put it all together and before you know it, all your problems are solved and you can feel a little easier when you ask your guests for their coat to store it somewhere.


Even though it’s simply something we require to lean on whilst studying or using it as a space to apply make-up, table desks tend to be rather expensive for the purposes we need them for. This is why using a wooden pallet would be a great solution. You may need the formations of a table to put it on originally, but laying it on a flat surface can actually be a great storage solution due to how a wooden pallet is designed. The spaces in between the pallets can be the perfect place to store diaries or books that you can simply slide out whenever you need to use them. Other forms of stationery can also be kept underneath for convenience. Best of all, wood is extremely easy to paint, which means you could apply your own favourite colour to it to match your room style.

Home Cinema

When you think of home cinemas, it tends to be associated with celebrities and those on the rich scale of wealth. This is because it seems like something that’s simply too expensive to incorporate in your own home. It’s probably more of a dream home idea. However, purchasing a few wooden pallets can change all that and all you’d need is a few cushions and comfy seating before you find yourself with your own indoor cinema. 

Create a tier of seating by placing the pallets on top of one another the further you get back from the screen and you’ll find that you can accommodate a reasonable number of guests to officially call it a home cinema. To give it that ultimate cinema feel, you can saw holes either side of the pallets to provide handy cup holders for anyone who gets a bit thirsty during the showing.

Coffee table

Rather than splashing your money on a luxury coffee table, make use of the old wooden pallet that you have standing outside instead. It’ll require a bit of DIY in order to make an actual table out of the item. Whether it’s adding wheels or legs to the bottom of the pallet, it can be a useful addition to your living space and bring a little personality. Furthermore, once it’s got a sand down you can easily add a spot of colour to it to match the colour scheme in your living room. As a pro tip, place a glass pane on top and add a small plant in the middle to provide it with the perfect homely touch.

Feel free to go pallet crazy

Designing parts of your home doesn’t have to be an expensive project. There are many uses for unwanted items that you may not even realise and they’ll be sitting right on your doorstep without you even noticing it. These are just a few ways that you can make the most of wooden pallets. Once you get in the groove you may find yourself using it for more ideas than the ones suggested!

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