10 Best Ways to Keep Your Digestive System Healthy

Human health is complicated. How the solid foods we take in our meal is digested and converted into nutrients by the body is a repetitive pattern that occurs every day. However, a little deviation in the functioning of this system can cause digestive problems.

We have all experienced the uncomfortable times when our digestive health stops functioning perfectly well. The whole process of digestion may look complicated; but it is not that complicated to take care of your digestive health. You can avoid most of the digestive health issues simply by following a few routine steps. Here is a list of ten ways to keep your digestive system healthy. Have a look-

  1. Set and maintain a fixed timing to eat

Set and maintain a fixed timing to eat

Doing things on a fixed routine is a habit that is taught to kids in the initial days of schooling. Maintaining a fixed routine helps us finish our works on time and makes us more organised as individuals. Similarly, a lot of health issues can be avoided if you choose to eat well and on time.

  1. Be choosy with the food you eat

Be choosy with the food you eat

Your digestive health depends a lot on the kind of food you eat. Hence, it is important to be very selective with the kind of food you eat. Before including anything on to your diet, know the benefits or otherwise of the particular food and avoid if it does not go well with your health.

  1. Go for a good quality colon cleanser

Using a good quality colon cleanser can also help you a lot in maintain a healthy digestive system. Bowtrol colon cleanse is a great option for people with digestive issues. This cleanser also helps in keeping constipation, gas, bloating, nausea and other digestive health issues away.

Bowtrol Colon Cleanse is the natural solution to cleanse colon that is free from side effects. This cleanser is clinically proven to be helpful in boosting energy and reducing body weight.

  1. Focus on the way you eat your food

Focus on the way you eat your food

Your digestive health is also impacted by the way you eat the food. Focus on the food while eating and feel the taste and enjoy it. Chew every single spoon you take so as to minimise the pressure on your digestive system.

  1. Stay hydrated and never drink water with meal

Stay hydrated and never drink water with meal

Water is very important for our body to stay fit and healthy. However, drinking water or other liquids along with solid food should be avoided to improve your digestion health. Drink a glass full one hour before and after each meal. This will help you digest the food easily and also to avoid belly fat.

  1. Exercise


Unhealthy digestion can lead to a lot of health issues and hence it is important to do your bit to keep this system function smoothly. Exercise, yoga, aerobics or even a simple walk or other physical activities will help you stay active and the digestive health well.

However it is important to remember that exercising on a full stomach can cause you more harm than good. Take a gap of at least 2 hours after you take a heavy meal and then go for the exercise. You can also join a professional trainer or join some fitness classes to ensure you are doing the steps right.

  1. A healthy liver means better digestive health

A healthy liver means better digestive health

Liver manages the amount of fat or toxic materials we take and thereby contributes to our digestive health. Fatty foods, alcohol or other things that we eat are treated by the liver to make it less harmful for our body. Eating too much of deep fried food, consuming alcohol, smoking or using drugs will make your liver overwork and lose its strength.

  1. Limit the consumption of artificial sweeteners

Limit the consumption of artificial sweeteners
Sweetener tablets and hand with box whit cup of tea

Artificial sweeteners can increase blood sugar level a lot more than regular sugar. It also results into unhealthy digestive health by affecting the microbiomes. Avoid buying readymade soft drinks and drink homemade lemon juice instead. You can also make milk shakes with different fruits as per your preference and make your diet healthier.

  1. Know the impact of Antibiotics before using it

Know the impact of Antibiotics before using it

Doctors often prescribe antibiotics to fight issues like acne, bacterial infections, fungal infections or to prevent the risk of after surgery infections. You may not be aware that antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria and this can result into digestive health issues. Hence it is better to limit the use of antibiotics and to eat light and easy to digest food while you are taking antibiotics. Doctors also prescribe probiotics so as to repopulate good bacteria and minimise digestion issues.

  1. Stressful life can also impact your digestive health

Stressful life can also impact your digestive health

We all know that stress and unhappy people tend to fall sick more often. Stress releases more gastric juices and results into gastric upset. Make it a point to be choosy with the kind of people who surround you. Stay with people who are more positive and accepts difficult situations with more ease. You can also join professional yet free meditation courses like mindfulness for better and happier life.

A healthy lifestyle will make you healthier and happier. You won’t feel like doing anything unless and until you are feeling good from inside. Try the above mentioned ways out and stay fit and active with a happy stomach. Tightly follow your eating routine, exercise regularly, use bowtrol colon cleanse and enjoy your life in a healthy way. Take charge of your own health and do the little bit you can to keep it fit. Good luck.

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