5 Causes of Aging Signs and How to Reverse Them

Some people start showing the signs of aging at a very early age. Nobody wants to grow old, but a few people take the necessary precautions that will help them live a long life. The signs of aging are very obvious. They include wrinkles, puffy eyes, hair loss, loss of memory, weak bones, low body immune, the prevalence of heart conditions among others.

While it is not possible to stop the clock from moving, there is something you can do about your body to make it sustainable over time. You have probably come across people who are your agemates but look like they are half your age.

The secret is in their lifestyle. Knowing what causes aging and putting things in place to prevent the aging signs will help you remain forever young. Here are some tips on the cause of aging and how to stop them. 

Not Getting Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is very important to the human body. It is during your sleep that certain bio-activities come into action. Your body produces chemicals that are necessary for replenishing your skin and hence rejuvenating your look.

It is recommended that you should have between six and eight hours of sleep each day. Try reducing your screen time and avoid working late into the night. Sleep also helps relax the mind. One of the primary cause of aging is straining your brain beyond its capacity.

Stressing Yourself

Stress is a part of our daily life. However, when you keep stressing yourself, the chances are that you will end up getting old faster. According to 2001 study, it was found that stress compromises the body cells reducing their ability to repair naturally and increases water loss.

Having too much stress may lead to inflammation and reduction in brain cells. These are the primary cause of aging. Once your brain cells start diminishing, you will begin to experience the signs of old age such as loss of memory -in worst case suffer from dementia.

If you do a stressing job or encounter stress at home daily, you need to find ways of dealing with it. One of the best ways is to indulge in aromatherapy after work. You can use most of the natural oils such as lavender or jojoba oil to do a therapy that will help you lift your mood. Gardenia flower essential oil is especially good for this purpose.

Lack Of Vitamins In Your Diet

What you get into your system will help you reduce the signs of aging. Vitamins especially vitamin A, C, and E are essential in keeping you young. Vitamin A is important for building collagen and replenishing your skin tissue. One of the best sources of vitamin A is the liver. It is a superfood that will help you replace your vitamins.

Vitamins A can also be from carrots and other vegetables. Eating vegetables will help you replenish your vitamins. Vitamin E is also very essential in reducing body damage.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant and helps to fight against free radicals that may cause skin damage and inflammation. If you want your skin always to look young, apply essential oils that are rich in vitamin E such as the coconut oil among others.

Eating Processed Foods and Fast Foods

Processed foods and fast foods are the trends in the modern age. What most people do not know is that such foods are eating them down. Processed foods are usually loaded with chemicals and preservatives that are not good for your health.

Continuous ingestion of such foods will lead to an overload of toxins which may cause your liver to fail. When the liver is not performing its task well, your body will be filled with toxins.

As a result, the signs of aging such as tiredness, unhealthy skin, and weakness will prevail. Furthermore, the use of fast foods is also dangerous. Such foods are usually loaded with cholesterol and bad LDL. High cholesterol in the body will lead to heart problems and heart failure which are also some of the signs of aging.

Lack Of Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is one factor that is a must for everyone who wants to look young. Physical exercise enthusiasts live a long life and look fit even in their old age. You have probably seen celebrities who look like they are twenty in their 50s. The secret lies in keeping your body in shape.

The human body is made up of muscles which are elastic. They tend to take the position of the body in which they are directed. A person who spends their time carrying heavy loads on their back will end up having a bending posture. The same way, if you spend too much time sitting in your seat, your body weight becomes too much for you.

Physical exercise will help you activate your brain cells and body cells. It boosts the free flow of blood in the body and gives your muscle and bones strong. It is one of the most reliable daily routines that will keep old age at bay. 


The best anti-aging advice anyone can give you is to live a healthy lifestyle. The effects of living a poor lifestyle have everything to do with aging. You will start becoming weak if you do not exercise and eat healthy foods. The best way to make sure that both your skin, your brain and your heart remain active is to live a healthy life.

This means that you will eat foods that are healthy and avoid those that are not. Make sure you get rid of any processed or fast foods from your diet. Look for natural foods and prepare your meals at home. Further, you need to reduce self-induced stress and get enough sleep.

Having stress always will not help you look young. In fact, too much stress will lead to insomnia which is also another cause of aging. Take care of your skin by replenishing it with the necessary vitamins such as vitamin E and feed your body with the required vitamins. This way, you will live long and look young.

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