10 SEO Factors that Help to Rank YouTube Videos

Do you want to open a YouTube channel that helps promote your business? Have you already created it and want to understand what makes your videos position or not? If you want to give it a boost to improve your SEO ranking , attract new users and increase the time they spend browsing your channel, pay attention to this article because we have some keys that can help you achieve it;)

What factors influence the ranking of videos on YouTube?

Through the data published in the study last February, we can make clear a number of factors that will undoubtedly help position your YouTube videos :

Video length

The duration of the best positioned videos on YouTube it is 14 minutes and 50 seconds. The contents that work best are the “How to …” it is already known that YouTube has become the school of the “Millennials” for almost everything.


Participation is a fundamental factor for a video is placed in a good position in the ranking. The videos that have the most comments are those that best position the search.


For main part of the equation in which YouTube looks for signs of interaction and therefore, has a lot of weight in the positioning.


Number of shares that a video generated in social media is directly attached to its good positioning.

Video subscriptions

A number of subscribers that has a content helps get faster to his followers and therefore the content is better positioned channel searches. But then, how is it possible that there are YouTube videos from “small” channels that position better than other, much larger channels? The answer is simple; today subscribers who convert through a video in particular have more weight for ranking than the total number of subscribers of a channel.


See the number of times your videos look is important but does not have much weight to achieve a good position in the searches. For a video to be well positioned it must have, in addition to a large number of viewings, an excellent quality of content and a good level of interaction to position.


In studying little relation between rich videos found Keywords and those who were positioned well in the ranking. This may be because the YouTube platform begins to understand the content of the video without the help of the goals. However, remember that the title, the description of the video and the tags related to the content are always synonymous with video quality.

Video quality

So videos in High Definition (HD) are, according to this study, the best positioned in the ranking. However, it is more complicated to determine if it could be considered a factor by itself or if the channels that better position tends to use HD.

Content, the extra factor

The brands that best position have a unique creative strategy to capture and maintain the attention of users. There is no universal format to make your content the most viewed, but we believe that, just as the AIDA funnel helps to capture potential buyers for a product, it can also serve to capture followers for the channel with a small adaptation:

  • Teaser : content that responds to the Attention stage , with a content of no more than 30 seconds , with dynamic music and attractive images.
  • Extended version of the teaser : responds to the stage of interest with a practical theme on the service or product and with a longer duration.\
  • Video with the complete experience of the service, product or brand that would respond to the desire stage.
  • Explanatory content of how to use the service or product and that responds the content of the action stage;  the user specifies his action using the brand.
  • User Generated Content/comment : responds to the loyalty stage and is the result of the followers’ experience with the brand, service or product.

How to use the above factors that influence the ranking in favor of your brand?

  • Comments: answer the comments of the users, energizing the conversation in each video.
  • Engagement : suggest that users like, share and subscribe to the channel through the final screen format , cards or watermark .
  • Quality : work on the quality of the video content so that the user decides to stay until the end.
  • Goals : create a description rich in words in which you want to position, create an attractive title (that mentions the brand) and make a selection of tags in which the word predominates for which you want to position.
  • Format : best on HD.
  • Typology : choose the appropriate type of video that helps the potential consumer to pass through AIDA .

Put all these tips into practice and tell us if you have improved the ranking of your videos on YouTube. Do you have any doubt? Do not forget you can contact us by writing a comment below;)

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