10 Top Tips on Nailing the Maximalism Trend in 2024

The great thing about the maximalism trend is that there really are no limitations to what you can do: Ultimately, this trend is a reflection of your personality. In simple terms, you’re adding more of the things you love with the goal of creating a welcoming, cosy, and vibrant environment.

However, although maximalism gives you the opportunity to create a home that’s a reflection of yourself, there are still a few things you should do to ensure you knock up a killer aesthetic. In order to help you try your hand at this incredible trend and revamp your home decor, we’ve put together 10 top tips to help you nail maximalism this year.

Our top tips for trying maximalism

  1. Do your research and gather inspiration

Although maximalism is a reflection of who you are, it’s still a good idea to gather inspiration and look out for a few items you might like to include in your home. Websites like Pinterest, interior design blogs, and good old Google Images are a great place to start.

Keep a record of anything that stands out to you so that when you begin shopping, you have an idea of the items you’re hoping to find.

  1. Start shopping

Once you’ve gathered a few ideas, it’s then time to start shopping. Have your inspiration at hand, and hit the high street to find the perfect items. Choose accessories that reflect snippets of your personality, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for on the high street, try browsing online retailers as well.

Once you’ve purchased some accessories to include in your design, the next stage is to get cracking with creating a solid base.

  1. Get cracking with a clear base

Similarly to painting a wall and needing to prime the wall first, any good maximalist room begins with a clear base. A strong base sets the tone of the room and acts as a foundation for any other elements you decide to add.

Instead of considering the room as a whole, try to focus on finding a specific wall colour or wallpaper you love, or a flooring that stands out to you. Any other accessories you choose will complement your base.

  1. Begin connecting the dots

Connecting the dots plays a vital role in creating a maximalist aesthetic. Maximalism isn’t about throwing together a variety of items, accessories, colours, and patterns and hoping for the best; it’s about being calculated with the placement of each element to create a busy, yet controlled, space.

Instead, try combining colours and patterns that complement each other in an unusual way, or use furniture and accessories that follow a similar theme.

  1. Get creative with materials

One key part of the maximalism trend is the idea of juxtaposing a variety of different materials that work in harmony with one another in a unique and interesting way. This is something that many people often shy away from; but with maximalism, it’s a must.

Be brave with the fabrics and materials you opt for: Try combining faux fur with leather, or velvet with chiffon. You may be surprised how stunning a diverse selection of fabrics can look.

  1. Organise the chaos

Due to the fact the maximalism aesthetic involves bringing together a multitude of materials, textures, patterns, colours, and accessories, it’s important to ensure you create the appearance of organised chaos.

The overall aim is to keep your home as organised as possible in a way that works for your lifestyle, whilst making sure it is visually interesting. Don’t be afraid to stack items, show off several ornaments, or hang pictures on patterned walls – if it looks good and reflects your personal qualities, it’s fine!

  1. Don’t shy away from bolder, more daring colours

Using a selection of bold colours can be something that many people shy away from in fear they’ll become overwhelming. The great thing about maximalism is that this isn’t the case. For example, if you have three or four colours that stand out to you, try using them all in different ways throughout your room.

Start with floral or patterned wallpaper, and pull out its key colours. Then, purchase accessories and furniture that include the key colours. You’ll end up with a well-put-together aesthetic that’s bursting with colour.

  1. Create several focal points

Traditionally, home decor leaned towards creating one focal point in a room, either with a feature wall or accessory, or with a fireplace. However, in maximalism, this concept goes out the window. Maximalist decor should include a number of different focal points that catch the eye of any visitors.

Try to add some shelving that’s filled to the brim with photos and ornaments in one corner of the room, and perhaps have a collection of artwork on display in another. It’s totally up to you!

  1. Don’t forget to keep it comfy

As the opposite of minimalism, instead of revolving more around cleanliness and crisp lines, maximalism ties in comfort and practicality. Combining a collection of textures, lighting, colours, and accessories creates a warm and homely environment.

It’s also important to ensure your decor fits in with the flow of your daily life. There’s no point in worrying about having two or more of the same item, such as side tables, because if it fits with the flow of your lifestyle, there’s no reason you shouldn’t.

  1. Stay true to yourself

Regardless of how you intend to implement the maximalism trend into your home, try to ensure that it’s a reflection of who you are. Avoid using items, accessories, and colours that you aren’t overly fond of, and instead, choose things that are an extension of your personality.

Whether you adore Victorian decor, block colours, or industrialism, or whether you just love colour, make sure you stay true to yourself.

Feel free to let us know whether this trend is something you’ll be giving a try this year! We’d love to see pictures of your completed maximalist homes!

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