10 Ways to Take Photos of Yourself When Travelling Solo

Taking good pictures is always a struggle. On top of that, managing to take good photos of yourself when you are travelling by yourself? Seems like quite an impossible task doesn’t it? Not quite, since it is 2017 and technology is always there to save the day. Here are the 10 ways to take near-perfect photos of you by yourself.

  1. Self-timer

Self Timer

Every camera and mobile phone have a self-timer feature on them, which makes it a pretty simple task to take your photos; you can even practice your best pose while the timer counts down to the click!

  1. Burst mode

This feature on cameras allows a number of photos to be taken immediately and then you can choose the best one you want to keep. This is a really good idea for those special poses that just cannot be perfected in one take.

  1. Video screenshot

This may seem like a lengthier method but hard work leads to beautiful pictures! It is quite a simple method; you just record a video of yourself and then find the right frame, pause the video, take a screenshot and voila! You have your perfect picture.

  1. Reflections

This method has been around for quite a while now. Use reflective surfaces such as mirrors or sunglasses to take stunning photos of yourself.

  1. Selfie stick

Selfie Stick

There is nothing simpler than using a selfie stick to take your pictures as you travel alone. Selfie sticks have made solo travelling quite convenient by allowing travellers to take their pictures without putting in a lot of effort.

  1. Traditional selfie

Traditional selfies

You could either choose to go for a selfie stick or just rely on your own arm length to snap a perfect photo of yourself while exploring new places.

  1. Dash cam

Investing in a top-notch dash cam can be the perfect solution to your worries of taking pictures as you travel alone. There are a variety of dash cams in the market which has suitable features; you could do your research before biting the bullet. Moreover, dash cams will allow you to record your entire travel journey along with making it possible to take good photos of yourself.

  1. Ask someone!

There is no shame in asking strangers to take your photos while you explore a whole new world on your own. You will end up with a gorgeous picture and you could also end up with a friend in a new place!

  1. Tripod

Invest in a tripod which allows you to be able to set up your camera anywhere you want to take a good picture with a magnificent background.

  1. Include random parts of your body

Taking artsy pictures while holding a cup of coffee or holding up a Polaroid picture of yourself, is another great idea when you travel alone.

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