4 Tips to Fund Your Summer Hobbies

Hobbies are simply defined as activities you enjoy. Summer brings out in us a sense of adventure and eagerness to try something new. However, hobbies can be expensive. You can count on investing some cash, either upfront or on a regular basis. Painting requires paint, brushes, and canvas; traveling means gas fill-ups and plane tickets. Unless you’re a millionaire, paying to do what you love can be an overwhelming burden.

However — as with other things in life — where there’s a will, there’s a way. Explore some ideas that can make your dreams a reality.

Turn Your Passion Into a Side Gig

Turn Your Passion Into a Side Gig

By fine-tuning your passions, you can turn almost any hobby into a money-making enterprise. Thanks to internet wonders such as Etsy and eBay, if you’re into making anything at all, you can sell it.

Now, will it actually sell? If so, for how much? In order to make your side gig lucrative, you may need to adjust what you do to make it marketable. It’s possible you’re a stunningly talented photographer who can sell photo after photo of your dog. Otherwise, you may want to consider offering to take engagement and wedding photos.

You should think beforehand about whether charging what you do to make money is worth the effort to you. You don’t want your favorite hobby to start feeling like a chore. Consider aiming to make only a small amount of money — enough to supplement your hobby, rather than sustain it entirely.

Get a Second Job

You may be thinking that if you work two jobs, you’ll have less time for the hobby you’re working hard to fund. However, you have to think about the big picture with this option. If you aren’t able to enjoy your hobby at all now because you don’t have the money, giving up some of your free time to make it happen may be worthwhile. For example, if you take a part-time job on the weekends and place all that money into a travel fund, you may finally be able to go on the overseas trip you’ve been dreaming about.

This idea offers a great option if you have some spare time or if your hobby doesn’t have profit potential. Consider trying something new, such as becoming an Independent Business Owner with Amway. With direct-selling opportunities and access to high-quality health and beauty products, Amway gives you freedom and flexibility so that you can choose how you make extra cash.

Make a Budget

Your summer hobby will feel more real if you set aside money for it in your monthly budget. If you don’t currently budget, now would be an excellent time to start. Keeping track of your finances means finding and cutting back on unnecessary expenses. Perhaps this summer you could try using fans instead of relying solely on your air conditioner. Take shorter showers and only run the washing machine when it’s full.

If you can start and stick to your budget, you can count on being able to put a portion of your income into your hobby sooner rather than later.

Teach Others Your Skills

Many online and in-person mediums exist for teaching and training others. If you go this route, you’ll basically be getting paid to do what you love. Whether your hobby is scrap booking, rock climbing, or graphic design, you undoubtedly know something from which others could benefit. Your options include starting a money-making blog on your hobby or teaching an online course through Udemy or Lynda. You can also teach real-life workshops and one-on-one sessions for people who want to grow their skills.

The caveat, of course, is that you have to already have some skills. This option won’t work if you’re new to your hobby. Find funding through other options and return to this one when you’re ready.

Summer is a great time for trying something new and finding new interests. If you’re willing to put in some work, get creative, and perhaps branch out of your comfort zone, you can pull off even the most expensive hobby. Pick the option that sounds most appealing to you and get ready to pursue your passions.

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