5 Amazing Career Path Ideas for Medical Laboratory Scientist

If you are also one of them who are willing to pursue medical-related courses after high school, you are in the right place. In the healthcare sector, you can find out numerous options and each one is beneficial to build your career.

Medical laboratory scientists have essential contributions to patient care. Moreover, as there is an increase in the aging population, a greater need to diagnose medical conditions is evident. Thus, there are indeed flourishing career options in Medical Lab Technology.

Before acquiring an idea about the career paths in medical lab technology, you need to get a clear idea about the whole process.  The need for discussion is to make the students understand that being a doctor is not the only option of career after pursuing Medicine. Most people believe the same. Read more to know how medical laboratory technology works and how you can choose it as your career.

Need for Medical Laboratory Technology

While dealing with a patient, doctors need to analyse various test reports and find out what actually the disease is. The medical treatment starts only after diagnosis of the disease. The crucial role of medical laboratory technology lies in finding out the results of the tests on the basis of which the treatment is initiated.  The medical laboratory technicians are the ones who perform different diagnostic tests and give reports to the doctors.

Starting from collecting blood, saliva, fluid, tissues, microorganism screenings and cell counts of the human body to diagnose with their expertise is the vital job the technicians do. Thus, they are not only an important but also indispensable part of the Medical sector.

Skilled required being a Medical laboratory scientist

If you pursue Medicine and aim to become a technician, there are certain skills that you need to acquire for the same.

  • Disciplined in your work: – Medical lab technology scientists need to be disciplined in their work. It is about dealing with a patient’s life by examining their samples. Hence, when there is a risk factor, it needs more concentration to avoid any fault in the report. The technicians need to be committed without any distraction.  
  • Proficient in managing equipment: – Before you start working as a medical lab technician, it is important for you to learn how to handle the equipments.  Melissa Cain, works for Assignmenthelp states that- “A practitioner in medical lab technology needs to be logical and precise and also quick in learning”.
  • Accustomed to technological up gradation: – The technicians should also be able to adapt new technologies quickly. As it is an computerized industry, it is very important to be equipped with technological gadgets.  Jimmy Brown who works for Myassignmenthelp stated “Being a medical practitioner, being skilled and equipped with medical equipments is the masterstroke to get success in this field”.
  • Should acquire degree in MLT:- To get the job as a technician, it is important to hold a degree in Medical Lab Technology. This is the basic educational requirement to build a career in the same.

Now, let us know about the different career paths for medical lab technology.

Unique career prospective for Medical Lab technicians

  • Working as a researcher in Bio laboratory companies:-

The companies need scientists to investigate research on medicines or pharmaceuticals. Here, professionals can work as researchers and help in developing drugs. They can manufacture drugs that fight cancer, diabetes or any blood disorder especially if they choose to work in pharma-specific biotech organizations. It is reported in an article in Genetic Engineering and Bio Technology News, medical scientists and technicians are the top growing in U.S biopharma industry.

There are many technicians who work in Bio laboratory companies and also provide medical assignment help to the students in association with Essayassignmenthelp. They state that this is indeed a growing career option for medical technicians.

Necessary eligibility: To get a job in these companies as a researcher, a minimum bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratory Science or closely related field is required.

Payment: The payment is almost $ 25.44 per hour on an average.

  • Cosmetics Research Lab:-

The technicians will research various cosmetic related studies. The work of the medical technicians here is to ensure the safety and efficacy of beauty products. Not only for beauty products, but they can also be involved in testing the medicines for skins. For example, topical moisturizers for dry skin, dense lotions for psoriasis patients, etc. need to be tested before sending to the pharmaceutical shops. The outlook for this job is likely to increase by 2024 with 2600 new chemists and material scientists’ job vacancy.

Necessary Eligibility: – A bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratory Science is enough for choosing this job for career development.

Payment:- The average pay for this job is $36.26 per hour.

  • Fertility Research Clinics:-

This is a kind of job where medical technicians can contribute directly to the monitoring and diagnosis of the patients. The duties in this kind of job vary from fertility analyses, to preparing vitro fertilization and managing blood testing. In this career prospective, a technician gets the chance to interact with the patient directly. Here, the researchers also help people to achieve their dream of parenthood.

Eligibility:- A bachelor’s degree in Biology or Medical Laboratory Science.

Payment:- $ 24.48 per hour is the average salary in this field.

  • Forensic Research:-

This is a sophisticated job in the field of laboratory science. The technicians here run tests on the evidence collected in any crime scene that will aid in the investigation and prosecution process. It is a growing field and a brilliant career growth can be ensured. Most of the technicians, therefore, choose this field to develop the career and earn handsomely.

Eligibility: – As it is a government employment, it may require a higher degree apart from just the bachelor’s degree in Medical lab technology.

Payment:- The payment is quite high with $75.55 per hour.

  • Immunology:-

It is the study of the immune system in all organism, finding out the defective areas and work on it. Here, the technicians’ work is in a lab to incorporate the ideas generated by scientists to help improve the immune system.

Eligibility: First, a bachelor’s degree in Medical laboratory science is required. Then an additional schooling is required which is passing of the MCAT and graduate school. Moreover, to become an immunologist, an advanced degree like PhD or an MD is required.

Payment:- The average pay for the same is $67.75 per hour.

So, there is a range of different career options with medical lab technology. To make the career promising enough, it is essential to achieve the appropriate educational credentials first. Then, gradually you can choose your own field of interest to find out which career option is best for you.

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