5 Benefits of Body Massage for Weight Loss

Body massages are relaxing and therapeutic. There is no question about it. It doesn’t matter whether you go to expensive massage parlors or just lounge in your premium massage chair, each kind of message will benefit you.

What most of you don’t know is that massages can also help you lose weight. It’s true; there is new research rolling in about how people who frequently get massages are more prone to losing weight.

Do not get us wrong, though. We are not saying that getting a massage will actually break down your fat and help you burn calories. No; massages simply aid in catalyzing your weight loss journey so you can lose weight much faster if you get massages in conjunction with your weight loss regime.

Having a hard time believing us? Well, below I have explained five ways you benefit from massages when it comes to weight loss: 

Increases Circulation to Skin

One of the most well-known advantages of getting massages is that they help in optimizing the blood flow in our bodies. This means that nutrition and oxygen reach our functioning organs faster and they function much more efficiently than they used to.

In this way, massages help in increasing our metabolism rate and making us burn our calories faster.

Makes You More Physically Fit

When you get a massage that functions on a single muscle of your body, the functionality of that muscle is increased. We achieve a greater range of motion with our muscles and are able to increase the strain of our workout routine. This increased functionality helps us accomplish much more difficult feats when we are working out which, in turn, helps us lose weight faster.

Helps You Work Out Longer

Massages are also known to increase our stamina and help us work out for much longer than what we would without a massage. And it is scientifically proven that the longer you work out, the more benefits you reap from that workout.

Frequent massages also reduce the time intervals you need to recover from each set of your work out. You, therefore, burn a lot more calories from each workout session than you would without getting massaged so often.

Decreases Your Appetite

We know how massages give mental relief alongside physical strength. So optimizing your body in the way that a massage does helps your body from feeling hungry so often.

You would only eat when the need arrives and not pig out on food at any random time of the day. You would also be able to control your portion size.

Helps You Control your Cravings

When our minds are weak and cluttered, we often crave a lot of food and binge-eat very often.Massages help in clearing our minds and making us think in a much more organized way.

This, in turn, helps us control our cravings and makes us not want food at random times of the which, therefore, decreases our caloric intake and increases the caloric deficit.

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saraSara is a psychologist by profession and she loves massage therapies. She enjoys home-based work and traveling. She is obsessed with massage chair therapies and other relaxing techniques. She recently published a post on the best yoga blogs.

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