Ibogaine Treatment – All that You Need to Know!

Ibogaine is harvested from the plant called Tabernanthe Iboga. Originally, the plant was discovered in Africa and came into existence in 190s when a 19-year-old heroin addict boy named Howard Lotsof found that it helped them in reducing the addiction towards heroin. It was then that he decided to produce a tablet made from it that would help numerous addicts to come over it. He signed a contract with a Belgian pharmaceutical company in the Netherlands. And from the plant is refined and is being commonly used for medicinal healing as well as for ritualistic ceremonies.

Stats of ibogaine Success Rate

The effect of ibogaine treatment is truly amazing. According to two studies of MAPS in Mexico and New Zealand, drug withdrawal symptoms are noticed in 20% to 50% addicts. While according to another study in Brazil, over 60% of addicts are said to recover from the combined treatment of ibogaine and psychotherapy.

Beneficial Uses

The plant is traditionally used to fight with hunger, fatigue, and thirst; however, it is also helpful in treating hard to emit addiction. The two major areas for which the plant is used for includes –

  • People facing problems of addiction, depression, or anxiety
  • People willing to grow spiritually

Treatment for Addicts with Ibogaine

Depression, anxiety and drug addiction is a common problem among people these days. People facing such issues need to work over it for the betterment of their health. After all, life is a wonderful gift from God and one need to learn how to live it. For people who are facing problems of depression, anxiety and drug addiction, they should look out for ways that could help solve their problems.

Well, Ibogaine is the best solution that helps overcome the negative thoughts and heal the body and mind. Therefore, it is the best treatment for addicts who want to overcome from it.


Ibogaine proves to be very beneficial for the addicts. As they are going through the withdrawal symptoms of opiate detoxification, it is important for them to find an alternative. This is where Ibogaine, a non-addictive natural medicine helps in recovering.

The medicine when taken is converted into nor-Ibogaine by the liver. It is then stored in the fat cells which reduces the cravings for drugs. Also, it brings positive thoughts in a person thus helping them live a good life ahead.

Treatment for Types of Drug Addictions

Ibogaine treatment helps in treating various addictions. To name a few includes –

  • Heroin Addiction
  • Oxycontin Addiction
  • Methadone Addiction
  • Meth Addiction
  • Cocaine Addiction
  • Alcohol Addiction

Also, it people suffering from the mental diseases like depression, anxiety, and tension can overcome with help of it. They can blend their treatment with a spiritual therapy that would heal their body, soul, and mind and keep nervous system refresh.

Reasons behind Taking Drugs

There are numerous reasons that contribute to the drug addiction. To name a few include

  • Unemployment
  • Fear
  • Society bad company
  • Accidents
  • Health problems
  • Brain problems
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Birth effects
  • Family disputes
  • And more!

Stages of Ibogaine Treatment

Stage 1 – Dream State

This is the first stage of treatment. In this process, a dose of Ibogaine is administered in the body and the patient starts feeling nausea and vomiting. Also, there are chances of numbness, hearing buzzing sounds and flashes of light in eyes. This effect would last for a long time and might also for a few days, which is why it is stated as the dream state. Typically, the treatment process for this stage is between thirty minutes to two hours.

Stage 2 – Introspective Phase

This is the second stage of treatment. In this stage, a high energy is passed in the whole body. Though for some time the body would feel heavy and patient might not be able to move out of the bed. However, the benefits of introspective phase are that it helps addicts to get over negative thoughts and the emotions. The total time span taken for this period is between 5-8 hours.

Stage 3 – Art of Living Phase

This is the last stage and it helps in making the mind and body feel relaxed and positive. After the intake of the medicine at this stage, the patient starts feeling sleeping. However, some may sleep within 48 hours while other may sleep within 24 hours. At times, patients also feel headaches and body aches, while some may experience a gray day at the starting of this stage.

Wondering, what is a gray day? Well, it is a stage when a person clustered with negativity, depression, sadness, and self-abuse. However, this problem does not last for long and the patient gets over this problem in a few hours. But as the saying goes, preparation is the key for everything, therefore, staying prepped up help the patient to get over this problem and enjoy great benefits. The total hours taken for this stage is between 16-20 hours.

Ibogaine Treatment Centers

Currently, there are 75 to 100 ibogaine treatment facilities worldwide. It is predicted that new treatment centers are soon going to be open for the betterment of people health, especially for the addicts. Though all centers are reputed and good to get treated, yet it is your personal decision for making the choice.


With all the detailed information explained above, you must have got a clear idea about the medicine and its benefits. This treatment is quite helpful for drug addicts. Also, it is bliss for people who are going through depression and anxiety problems. Though there are many risks of the treatment, yet its benefits are worth undergoing the process.

If you or your loved one is going through the problems of depression, anxiety, and tension or is addicted to drugs, undergoing ibogaine treatment process is the most optimal way to get over it.

Get ready to live a healthy and beautiful life after going through the treatment process of ibogaine!

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