5 Consequences of Techno addictions and the Use of Parental Monitoring App for Android

Technoadiction or addiction to technologies refers to the excessive use of new technologies and create an imbalance in the behavior and the way in which these resources are consumed.

The constant need to check text messages, whatsapp, record calls, among others can cause memory disorders, concentration problems or the inability to control impulses. Some diseases and disorders that threaten users include:

1- Cybermareo: consequence of some 3D applications for iPhones and iPads when performing a desynchronization between movements of the eyes and signals appreciated by the equilibrium system that the brain interprets as a real movement. This can cause eyestrain, nausea and dizziness.

2 – Nomophobia: this is the phobia of not being able to use the cell phone, this causes anxiety in the users when they run out of battery, without coverage or can not find the mobile phone.

3- Syndrome of phantom vibration: neurological syndrome occurs due to dependence on the smartphone. It causes a vibration sensation of the mobile phone even when the user does not have his cell phone or it is off.

4- Finger pain: pain and even cramps in the fingers, wrist and forearm can be the cause of the frequent use of the touch screen. This can even cause, in the long term, the inflammation of the tendons.

5- Dry Eye Syndrome: The continuous concentration on the screen of a smartphone or a tablet reduces by a third the number of blinks, causing changes in the production of tears and, consequently, causing permanent damage to the eyes.

To avoid and cure these diseases caused by technoaddiction, parents are suggested to detox their kids using the parental monitoring app for Android.


Detox kids using Parental Monitoring App for Android:

Certainly, detoxing kids is a hard task yet with the use of parental monitoring app for Android, it becomes easy. Considering the rapid progression in technology, using a parental monitoring apphas become a necessity for parents these days. Many app developers have exclusively developed monitoring apps for the assistance of parents. Among several parenting apps, FamilyTime is the one that guarantees you the perfect results. FamilyTime works on the mutual consent of both children and parents.

Using FamilyTime parental monitoring app for Android, parents can:

  • Put restrictions on the use of the Internet and technology by allowing kids only a certain period of screen time.
  • Monitor the sites their child visits using their gadgets by enabling parents to view the web browsing history.
  • View the installed apps and app usage frequency so that parents can stay warned of the most addicting and damaging apps.
  • Also, empowers parents to block any app they consider inappropriate.
  • Allows parents see the frequently visited URLs along with time and date stamps on teen’s iPhone.
  • Schedule auto screen locks on their devices to manage the screen time
  • Put remote lock o their gadget if they depict the sign of above mentioned diseases.


And the list of FamilyTime features doesn’t end here. There is a lot more that this app does for you. Want to give this app a free try? You can! This valuable parental monitoring app for Android can be easily downloaded from the Google Play store or from iTunes.

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