5 Daily Exercises for Weight Loss

It is the most common saying that health is wealth but not everyone among us takes and understands this quote seriously! Most of us are still try to figure out easy ways to get rid of the extra bulging tires peeking from some corners of our body. But now it’s time to get serious about our health concerns and take out some time for daily little exercises that will definitely help us in staying fit.

For most of us even the thought of exercising seems to be a difficult task and we assume it as difficult as digging a mine but there are a number of daily exercises you can do which will save you from thinking of the demanding hard work that a workout routine demands.

This article will help you out with some of the smart exercises that will not only save efforts but are also quick, easy& effective for weight loss.

  1. Wall Push-ups

Wall Push-ups

Say goodbye to wiggly wiggly arms because it’s time to tone up your muscles. The easiest way to keep your arms firm and strong is “standing wall push-up position”. Stand at an arm’s length from the wall at your shoulder height, keeping your feet in an inclined position and inhale while pushing yourself towards the wall, just like a push-up. Now exhale and push yourself upwards. Repeat the steps 12 to 15 times for stronger, tighter arms and biceps in the beginning phase.

  1. Jumping Rope

Jumping Rope

The most favorite fun activity of our childhood includes hopping, but it has been a treasurable exercise for the adults seeking for a simple and ultimate escape from a couple of daily hectic exercises. Jumping rope is an effective cardio exercise that not only works on your legs, arms and core but also strengthens your bones and improves body balance.

Start by holding the rope at hip length and swing it over your head and jump to let it pass through your feet. Stand firm and uniform on your feet after each bounce, follow the rhythm for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

  1. Abdominal Crunches

Abdominal Crunches

Bulgy abdominal tires look disgusting and also ruins your physique. Imagine how would you look in a sleek backless dress or a formal men’s suit with your tummy peeking from either side? Obviously, no one will bother to look at you with awe-gazing eyes, so why not try out a simple workout plan that will keep your tummy tires in and keep you gorgeous today and forever.

Start with a warm-up preparation by laying straight on your back with your feet bent and hands aligned straight with your hips. Exhale and then bent upwards trying your hands to reach the feet. Take a pause and breathe in, gradually lay back to the starting position and breathe out as you lift upwards.

Repeating these steps 10 to 15 times a day will help you keep your back and torso muscles strong and mainly assist you to keep your fatty abdominal muscles straight. Alternatively, you can also keep your hands behind your neck without crossing your fingers instead of keeping them parallel to the quadriceps and later continue with the further steps.

  1. Arm Circles

Arm Circles

To keep your shoulders erect and flexible, hold your arms straight at 90 degrees to the sides with palms facing upwards, now move in a circular clockwise motion 10 times. Now repeat the same process with palms facing the floor in a circular anticlockwise posture 10 times.

  1. Jaw Jut

Jaw Jut

Lucky are those people who don’t have to change their poses while taking a selfie due to the double chin that makes their face looks fatter and older. These 5 easy steps, if practiced daily will assist you to tone up your jaw muscles and it all starts with a simple tilted back so that you look at the ceiling, now push your lower jawbone forward so that you feel the stretch, hold on the position and count to 10. Relax your jaw and straight your head to a neutral position, repeat this process 10 times on daily basis.

These are few of the easiest exercises that will hardly consume 15 to 20 minutes and will make every part of your body fit from head to toe if practiced regularly. You can also find many fitness equipment at top vouchers code at a very reasonable price. Taking out a couple of minutes for yourself is not a demanding thing because all it takes is a little motivation. Rebounding exercise is also another great way to lose weight without putting yourself in pain.

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