5 Different Types of Coffee Equipment (& How to Use Them)

Are you all set to step toward starting your dream coffee business and planning to purchase your startup coffee making equipment for your new coffee roasters? Or do you wish to buy coffee making tools and equipment for your home to enjoy your favourite morning beverages by brewing yourself?

Whatever the cause is, if you are getting puzzled by thinking where to start and have a minimum idea of the fundamental equipment needed, catch a glimpse at the information below to gather some quick references.

5 Essential coffee making equipment’s to craft up your coffee quality

Specific equipment types may vary from person to person and business to business. Still, there is some basic coffee equipment that anyone will need to create the best possible coffee.

Coffee maker 

A coffee maker is that efficient appliance that brews coffee. Along with the coffee machine, all you need is some ground coffee, water and a coffee filter to get a satisfying cup of coffee. And varying from prices to convenience, the coffee maker can be of multiple types, from the most used electric drip coffee makers to manually used Aeropress coffee maker.

How to use: Usually, in the most common types of coffee makers, at first, you need to add water in the water reservoir by measuring out the required amount. Then, estimating the size and shape of your coffee maker, add a coffee filter to the filter basket. Once done, add the coffee grounds and start brewing. Some will brew the coffee automatically, and some might have a manual setting option to set the temperature or time.

Coffee grinder

A starring coffee-making equipment grinds coffee beans into grains while extracting the coffee’s flavour and taste. A decent coffee grinder is a must if you wish to enjoy freshly grounded coffee every time you make a great shot of coffee. Burr and blade grinder are two of the most common type of grinder, where blade grinder is popular among average coffee drinkers for its affordability and burr coffee is known for fine crushes.

How to use: In both manual and automatic coffee grinders, you need to fill the hopper with a bunch of roasted coffee beans at first. Then, adjust and set the grind setting, including grind size and time. And later, if you are using an automatic grinder, push the start button to start the grinding or start doing some hand labour by turning the handle of the grinder, in case you use a manual grinder.

Coffee tamper

In the process of making espresso, the coffee tamping process is used for compressing the coffee ground into a tightly packed puck for a long extraction time; here’s where the coffee tamper base and handle is needed. The coffee tamping process minimises the presence of a small pocket of air that might work as a channelling for the water flow. But nowadays, many introduce automation in the coffee tamping process by using automatic coffee tampers for more even and consistent results.

How to use: Using a manual tamper, you need to fill your portafilter evenly and start by applying light pressure. Then apply much pressure by ensuring consistency and rotate the tamper before the final pressure. Finally, remove the tamper by wiping away the loose grinds. But if you got stuck in maintaining consistency between too much pressure or not too much pressure, use the auto tamper and set up the pressure to maintain consistency. Even many auto tampers have the option of adding segment tamping pressure with cleaning functions too.

Coffee press

Coffee press, or what is popularly known as the French press, is a manual coffee maker with a cylindrical pot, a plunger that meets a filter. The coffee press works to steep the coffee grounds and hot water and separate the coffee grounds from the liquid coffee.

How to use: First, you need to heat the water and allow it to cool a bit. Then put the ground coffee into the cylindrical pot and pour the hot water. Gently stir the coffee and water; after some time, the coffee grounds will start floating up to the top, and you will see a crust-like layer of coffee grounds. You can either break the crust and stir it or discard it to have a light-bodied coffee. Later, press the plunger all the way down and when it reaches the bottom, pour the brewed coffee into your cup.

Coffee filter

The coffee filter is that equipment that allows the rich flavourful liquid coffee into your cup while separating the coffee grounds. So the purpose of the coffee filter is to allow liquids only. The material of coffee filters can be found in a variety of types, such as paper filters, metal filters and cloth filters. Even the shape and size of the coffee filter may vary.

How to use: You can use the coffee filter with a coffee maker to pour the coffee grounds into the filter, or you can use it as a pour-over by placing it in your coffee mug and allowing water to extract compounds from the coffee grounds emerges in your cup directly.

Make a better coffee at home with some basic equipment

You don’t have to be own a barista café to hold the coffee making equipment. However, being a regular coffee drinker, you should buy some necessary coffee equipment that will rich your flavour ideas and help you find ways to get better at brewing every day. And here, to buy coffee equipment, many coffee shops offer all equipment and accessories needed to brew a perfect cup of coffee. All you need to do is to select a trusted shop and your required tools.

So if you are in the midst of your planning, pick up your right tool, boost up your coffee game and brew every day.

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