5 Different Ways to Transform Your Home Interior with Wall Sidings

Every cloud has a silver lining, likewise, every home has a wall siding. It is the idea that has come along with time and transformed the idea of home décor. Wall sidings are like that perfect final touch to the structure that holds the power to transform your house into a beautiful masterpiece. Protection and beauty form the idea behind wall sidings. Be it your interiors or the exteriors, wall sidings have made a place for itself in this dynamic world of changing consumer demands.

Decorative bricks, wood, and stones are basic materials that are mostly used in interior wall claddings. These wall sidings highlight the interiors of the house to look modern and sophisticated. No matter what type of cladding you choose, it should reflect your choice and personality. Because it is your décor ideas that make for a lasting impression of how you want things around you.

There are a number of wall siding designs and styles that have been doing rounds in the market. And, choosing among the best should be one task you should be pro with. Choosing a wall siding for your exteriors would be easy but it is the interiors that require much attention and detail. When contemplating as to what wall siding would suit your interiors best, relying on the following ideas would surely make your guests feel envy of you.

Board and Battens on the Wall

Wooden interiors are not a new concept at all. The idea has prevailed for a long time now and is signified as a thing of the royals. The aesthetic delight of these wood sidings gives the feeling of living in the woods. Board and battens form one of the oldest types of interior house siding idea.

Board and battens as the name suggests, involves vertically pinning of wooden boards along the wall. What follows are the battens or the narrow strips that are then nailed in to fill in the gaps. Talking about the popular wood used in for these wall claddings, cedar does the job best, owing to its anti-decay properties.

Brick by Brick

Kilned clay is what brick is made of. Adding these decorative bricks to the interiors walls can add that oomph factor to the home décor. The unfinished texture reflected by these brick wall sidings make the space around look like a visual treat for the eyes. The added advantage of brick sidings is that they are available in different colors, dimensions, and textures. What could be better than this?

Bricks call for a great investment but an important fact to take into consideration involves its water retention property. This may lead to water seepages and for that reason, the walls should be effectively waterproofed prior to applying the brick side walls. Though bricks may add stress to your pockets, the walls would retain its looks for a long time without the need for any maintenance.

Stone Casting

Stones have been part of home décor since time immemorial. The interior walls etched in stone can add up to the extraordinary element greatly. Stone Age has gone but the idea of innovation around stones has still not subsided. The way decorative stones have been changing the idea of home décor, nothing else could.

The type of siding that has been quite popular since some time now, is the stone veneer panel siding. These sidings are made from natural stones and are generally horizontal slabs that fit together to appear similar to puzzle pieces. These stone sidings are known for versatility, pocket-friendliness, and for its unique looks. The interesting part here lies in the fact that you can easily install these stone wall claddings by simply following certain DIY tricks.

Vinyl Looks Pleasant To the Eye

Limited budget and great looks, this is what vinyl siding is known for. These sidings cast a shadow that lasts a lifetime. These vinyl stone sidings look pleasant to the eyes because of its realistic or natural stone looks. Available in all types of colors and styles, vinyl is the best choice you could ever make for interior décor.

An added benefit of vinyl wall sidings lies in its durability. They do not require much installation efforts and maintenance. You could choose from among a number of panels such as the shakes, shingles, fish scales, and more. All you need is a surface to nail on when installing vinyl sidings.

Dwell In the Bevel

Wood sidings are something you can never have enough of. These sidings are installed horizontally on the interiors in an overlapping fashion. Known for a long time now, bevel sidings have managed to upkeep itself in the world of home décor.

Bevel siding installation involves stuffing of wooden planks horizontally at an inclined angle so that it appears chunky on one side and emaciated on the other. Be it the exteriors or the interiors, bevel sidings have managed to woo everyone alike. It is the cedar, cypress, pine, or the spruce, that the bevel sidings are mostly made from. The added advantage of bevel sidings is its durability through the thick and thins of weather changes.


Looking at the 5 popular ways to transform your interiors with wall sidings, you would know better by now what siding would suit your décor best. Always remember to buy from authenticated sources that have some good variety to offer. Also, affordability should be taken into consideration as “Paying through the nose” is not a recommended option.

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