What Are Some of the Ways You Can Use To Improve Your Home Security? Here Are Some of Them

What we do know is that security systems have truly advanced over the last 50 years, while they have increased in versatility and effectiveness. These days, we are now discussing on remote control locks and surveillance cameras that are not only physical, but digital. Many security systems these days are automatic as well, with some being controllable through specific mobile apps. All this serves to bring you information that regards your home all at the push of a button.

However, sometimes you want to go beyond the extra mile and enhance your home security without total reliance on the security systems, so here are some ways to accomplish that and prevent burglaries.

Avoid keeping valuables in accessible places

This simply takes common sense – do not make yourself to be an available target, and it is the most important piece of advice on this list.

When a thief notices you do not have much, they will be bored and move on to some other target. For instance, if you have a nice TV, close the windows of your house and draw the curtains. If you have an expensive car, keep it in the garage (if you have one). The last thing you want to be is the lowest hanging fruit that is accessible to everyone. 

You do not need to ‘hide the keys’

hide the keys

On the surface this may seem like a brilliant strategy, but it comes with its own inherent problems. The main issue is that you need to keep the keys in a location that is not difficult to remember. However, the ease of accessing them makes it easy for a thief, especially if they have much experience.

The better option is installing a ‘smart door lock system that you can open both with a key, as well as a special user code. You can inform your family and friends about the code so that they can access your home. Do not compromise your security by risking your extra keys being found by thieves.

Create the impression that you are always there

One thing that will always encourage thieves to access your home is finding it empty. Stop them in their tracks by thinking ahead of them, as many total protect home warranty experts recommend.

For instance, if you are going away for an extended time, you can have your neighbors do activities in your home so that it does not look like it is empty. Something simple as leaving your car in the garage or same parking area can alert possible burglars that you are not around and encourage them to steal.

In case you are not on friendly terms with your neighbors, you can install lamps on the perimeter walls of your house and make it look as if your house is occupied. The biggest fear a culprit will have is confronting the home owner, so make sure you show them you are always there and discourage them from doing anything stupid.

Avoid glass doors or doors that have glass near their handles

Do not make it easy for culprits to access your home. These doors are enticing for them, simply because they can break the glass quickly and gain entry. 

Avoid concealing your house more than necessary

Avoid concealing your house more than necessary

You may take all these precautions to safeguard your home, but they may fail to work as you intended. Sometimes in this case, the best choice is not giving a path to enter your home.

Staying away from high hedges around windows and doors will mean that robbers and burglars will not have a covered way to sneak in – that is entering your house without people knowing. Concealing fences will encourage them to sneak in, as well as fences and walls with high privacy because they know they will not be seen.

Ensure the safety of your second floor

In case you live in a maisonette home, you can find that first floor windows and doors are ready to prevent burglars, but you forget to upgrade the security of your second floor rooms and other entry points.

Installing locks, window sensors and glass break detectors will discourage any thieves from breaking into the second floor of your home. Another important tip is closing your doors and windows when you are away or at night, and you can install smart plugs that turn on some lights as well to give the appearance that someone is home, even when you are not. 

Having police inspections at your home

Having police inspections at your home

This can also happen in the event you are not sure about the safety levels of your home. Many police departments offer free inspections to the public under their jurisdiction, so they can educate you on possible risk factors and areas that are susceptible to break-ins or other dangers.

Using window locks

The weakest point of entry in a home is not the door, it is actually the windows. Security companies know this, and some have developed systems that check on the security of windows, such as Security by Reliant. These will alert the occupants in case there is an intruder in the area, though there are additional measures you can take to enhance the security level.

Using window locks is one of these methods, and it proves to be very effective. They are very affordable as well, so you do not need to worry about breaking the bank, and they also stop or discourage burglars from accessing your house.

 Investing in lights with motion sensors

 Investing in lights with motion sensors

If you have seen spy movies, then you have an idea of how these work. When you switch them on in the dark, they activate the house alarms when someone passes through them unexpectedly.

A recent development in enhancing home security, you can install these as a part of a large home system that remains automated. These can act as a very good method to discourage burglars as a last resort. Sudden alarms will convince even the most stubborn burglar to give up.

Final thoughts

Enhancing the security of your home does not require much effort, as long as you are dedicated to the part. All you need to do is use common sense, as well as installing various mechanisms that keep your home safe for a long time.

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