5 Important Things to Include on Your Moving Checklist

Moving can be a stressful and overwhelming experience, especially if you are relocating to a new city or state. You need to accomplish numerous tasks and if you don’t have a plan in place, it’s easy to forget important details. That’s where a moving checklist comes in handy. A checklist is an essential tool that will help you stay organized and on track during your move. This article will discuss the five important things you should include on your moving checklist.

Things to do before Moving

Sort and Purge

Check out each and every room and make a decision on what stays and what goes. Consider whether any of your belongings need to be insured or packed in a certain way. Making a mind map before you make a checklist is necessary.

Create a Moving Binder

Put all your moving paperwork in this binder, including estimates, receipts, and an inventory of your belongings. As part of the relocation process, you should visit your kids’ current school to make arrangements, to have their records moved to their new school district.

Order Supplies

Purchase packing materials and odds and ends like boxes, tape, Bubble Wrap, and label makers. Specialty containers, such as dish barrels and clothing boxes, should be ordered as well. Get rid of the frozen meals, perishables, and cleaning supplies you don’t want to relocate.

5 Things You Should Include in Your Moving Checklist

1. Hire a Professional Moving Company

Hiring a professional moving company to move your stuff and to help transport your car to another state is one of the most crucial things to include on your moving checklist. Moving companies can help you with all aspects of your move, from packing and loading to unloading and unpacking. They can also provide essential moving supplies such as boxes, tape and packing materials.

2. Organize and Declutter Your Belongings

Moving is an excellent opportunity to organize and declutter your belongings. Before you start packing, take an inventory of all your possessions and decide what to keep, donate or sell. This will help you reduce the amount of stuff you need to move, saving you time and money.

3. Plan for Packing and Labeling

Packing and labeling your belongings can be a time-consuming process, but it’s essential to do it right. Start by creating a packing plan and schedule that includes all the necessary packing materials and supplies. Make sure to label all your boxes with the contents and the room they belong to.

4. Notify Your Service Providers and Change Your Address

Another crucial thing to include on your moving checklist is notifying your service providers and changing your address. This includes your utility companies, internet, cable, phone providers, banks, credit card companies and other subscriptions. You will also need to notify your employer, school, and any other organizations you are affiliated with.

5. Prepare Your New Home

Preparing your new home before you move in is essential to make the transition smoother. This includes ensuring all utilities are set up and the home is clean and ready to move in. You must ensure the new home is pet-friendly and secure if you have pets. It’s also a good idea to take measurements of your new home to make sure your furniture fits and plan your layout accordingly.

Benefits of Making a Moving Check List

Everything like furniture and clothing that you’ve packed up needs to be considered while planning a move. Having your possessions in order throughout the move might be facilitated by creating a moving checklist.

Ensure Everything Gets Done

If you use a checklist, you can be assured that everything on it will eventually get done, and you’ll always know what to do next. If you are attempting to figure things out but have no idea where to start or what steps to take, you are likely to become overwhelmed and confused.

Keep Track of Your Belongings

Creating a moving checklist is a good way to guarantee that nothing is forgotten. For instance, if you’re moving across the country, you’ll have plenty of time between when you need to start packing and when you arrive at your new house.

Reduce Stress

The tremendous amount of stress that comes along with moving is a major deterrent for many individuals. Leaving a familiar place like a house or apartment is one of the most distressing things a person can do. Making a checklist will help reduce your stress as this can ensure that everything gets done according to the plan.


Moving can be stressful and challenging, but with a little planning and organization, you can make it more manageable. Creating a moving checklist is an excellent way to stay on track and ensure that you don’t forget any important details. You can have a smoother and more successful move by including these five important things on your moving checklist.

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