5 Ways to Embrace Your Weaknesses & Enjoy workouts

Weakness is a state of being fragile and not strong enough to face others both physically and mentally. Weakness is a quality which is attributed to all the living creatures. A man considers himself to be the best of all creations and feels haughty that other creatures on earth cannot be a match for him. But that isn’t the right thing. Every living being is bestowed with a different boon. An ant can carry a weight which is 20 times heavier than itself. Can a man do so? For instance, say a man is 120 pounds heavy. Do anyone think that he can carry 2400 pounds. No. isn’t it? In other words, an ant is stronger than a man.

Moreover, a cat can jump on a 7 feet wall in a single hop and the height of the cat is around 1 feet. It means, the cat can jump on a wall which is seven times its height. Can a man do so?  Again the answer is no. Likewise, each creature on earth is bestowed with a boon which includes man also and man’s power lies in his wit. All creatures have weaknesses regardless of the potential of it. Don’t allow your weakness eat away your potentiality. Visualizing the weakness of a person can be seen in a beginner to the gym. It means that the beginner has held his weakness higher than his ability. There are some gym factors which provide valuable information about embracing your weakness in order to achieve success.


Hesitation and diffidence are called shyness. Every beginner to the gym should have felt shy on his first day. When an experienced partner works well in the gym, the beginner keeps on watching the workout but don’t tend to do anything. This is because the beginner would be very much cautious about the criticism he has to face inside the gym. Very few people have the guts to take up the criticism and prove to be worthy. Such persons would be supported and taught by the expert guys at the gym. As days pass by, that amateur guy would be an expert trainer well known about the gym workouts and exercises. So, rise up and lift a dumbbell in your hand unmindful about the criticism you receive so that you can prove to be certainly great at the gym.


As different people proceed with different workouts, some persons would be monstrous pulling out heavyweights. Beginners do not try to compare them to you creating a pessimistic idea that you can perform so. Of course, true to your thought you can perform like that by practicing your regular work out and you can reach that point one day. Till then keep trying and learn the techniques and tricks associated with it. Don’t become over-enthusiastic to try something heavy or something different on your first day itself which would certainly cause you pain and struggle. Probably, that pain itself would make you feel desperate and apprehensive.


Confidence is simply having faith in you and it is the real and valuable virtue that each living being on earth should possess. Without confidence life at the next second would be totally void. On entering the gym one should have confidence that you can do the scheduled work out today without any flaw. This intention would make you an elite and dynamic person with strong determination. For eg. I never had confidence when I went to trampoline jumping the first day, but my trainer made me confident and helped me master trampoline jumping. Whatever may be the difficulty you undergo, be stubborn and tough enough not to give until you are done. Don’t give up when you’re tired; give up only when you are done. Achieving a task at the gym would develop fine qualities like leadership, endurance, toughness, etc which would also build up your real life too. But, don’t have overconfidence which would be a devil’s trap.


Neuroticism, in other words, means disordered anxiety. Persons who enter the gym at the beginning stage get more anxious and nervous about doing the workouts. They get fascinated by the workouts of other experts and desire to imitate them. This increased anxiety would cause you to do unsystematic workout which results in some sort of pain. One should know to control his anxiety inside the gym; otherwise, it would cause serious problems. Doing improper and irregular workouts would overwhelm any person with stress which might also resist your insulin, resulting in weight gain associated with some health issues. Of course, neuroticism is not an extremely bad aspect, as it would induce you to do workouts and keeps your energy level high, but it is also essential to control your anxiety and lead it in an organized way to get optimistic results

Accept your weakness

Weakness is the inability of a person to do a particular task. Weaknesses are prevalent all fields in today’s world like science, math, games, muscle power etc. So, don’t care about the weakness you possess, but try to get out of your weakness by acquiring adequate knowledge and strength. If one can’t do a particular task in the gym, know the tricks to do that task, have a friendly conversation with an expert working there, empower yourself with physical power to achieve it. Keep trying and do not give up until to you do it. Believe in you, and it would lead you to your destiny.

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