How to Stay Healthy and Active in any Age

Everyone wants to live a healthy life, but planning your way around it needs some care and consideration. These days, you would notice that people are increasingly falling ill and ailments have increased a lot. But staying healthy and active does not have to be difficult, you would assume that it requires a lot of effort but it doesn’t. For example, people who have stopped eating junk report that they like their new lifestyle better than the previous one. But it takes a while for a normal person to get adjusted to a healthy lifestyle. Cannabis is so common these days that everyone smokes it, and it is so easily available that you can mail order it in Canada. However, for your own good, you should stop smoking cigarettes and weed altogether because, in the long run, they have adverse effects on our health.

But I do concede to the fact that staying active at later years is not an easy task. Your joints ache, and your flexibility naturally reduces so it gets more and more difficult to work out regularly. But this doesn’t suggest that in later years of your life you ought to stop working out at all. Instead, you should always keep a light but proactive workout routine to keep your body healthy and in shape.

Body Decay Is Natural

The process of bone loss doesn’t have to begin at sooner stages in life but it is only natural that when you hit your thirties you feel joint pains if you don’t work out or eat healthily and you are able to spot visible signs of aging in the mirror. But the best part is that no matter when the symptoms start to appear, you can completely reverse them. In the nursing home, they have criminal trials for people aged over 90 and they measure and check if a person is capable of a physical workout and then they perform certain exercises for their own physical wellbeing. You don’t need to consult your doctor if it is a trivial matter such as a daily walk routine because walking is a pretty safe form of exertion. But in case you are in your sixties and you are planning to perform rigorous exercises such as walking or biking or even swimming I would recommend that you discuss it with your physician before you begin performing these exercises.

important types of exercise

Types of exercises that you can do:

There are four types of working out in general; you can perform any of those or a combination of them.

  • Aerobic

Performing aerobic exercises is good for your mental as well as physical health. Aerobic activities can make our heart and lungs muscles strong and increase their functioning. You can try engaging yourself in activities like running, walking, swimming or taking water aerobics classes. It is recommended that you do aerobics for at least thirty minutes a day. There are simple household chores that can help increase your heart rate such as cleaning.

  • Strength training is another one of the exercises that should be a part of your everyday workout regimen. These exercises build bone density and help increase the muscle mass. Activities like climbing stairs can become much easier if you have developed thigh muscles. If you want to do some serious and guided strength training you should opt for a gym. Although there are many videos on the internet that can help you achieve that goal and you can do the workouts at home but the problem is that sometimes these videos are made by people who aren’t really experts. So I suggest that you go to a gym where you can find a proper instructor who is an expert on this subject.
  • All your exercises are pretty much useless for your muscles if you do not stretch them before and after a workout. In fact, not stretching your muscles can cause you to sustain injuries in tough workouts. So warm up your body before you start your workout session and do a lot of stretching.
  • Last but not the least, do some balance exercises. They are really good for your health. For balance I would recommend you, Tai Chi, because it is really effective in helping you find your balance. Another very simple tactic that you can follow is to practice standing one foot. If you are able to do that, start increasing the time you balance yourself on that one foot slowly.

Workout Requisites

There are certain requisites to working out properly and if you do not follow these well-established rules your workout can become a disease, not alleviation! Therefore you should keep these certain things in mind:

  • Fix a time! Working out at a fixed time will help your body fix time for food and sleep accordingly. But you should either workout in the mornings, and on hotter days you can work out in the evening. But always make sure that you are working out at your specific time, it will shape your routine properly.
  • Drink a lot of water along with working out because we sweat a lot while exercising and not hydrating ourselves can deplete our bodies of other mineral resources.
  • If you think that your body has sustained an injury in the process, stop working out right there. Working out while you feel pain in a muscle of the body is stupid because you are no longer keeping your body healthy and active you are harming it a great deal by using that muscle to exercises again and again.
  • Always workout using the right equipment, if you do not use the right gear such as a comfortable pair of shoes you would notice that you are uncomfortable during the workout.
  • Start slow. You would think that vigorous exercise routine is good for health but you should always start with a lower number of reps and sets and a larger timeframe for rest in between so that your muscles can get prepared for the exertions.

Lastly, I recommend that you find yourself a good trainer. If you do not have a trainer that trains you well enough you are sure to get stuck at some points in your fitness journey. The chances of sustaining an injury or doing the wrong workouts are reduced to minimal as well.

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