5 Ways Yoga Helps in Improving Martial Art

Yoga and martial art look different, however, both go hands-in-hand. They both have common things that aids in providing mindfulness, consciousness and awareness.

Moreover, both practices are done on mat and aids in healthy living. Yoga is quite diverse, with so many postures and hundreds of stretches, along with added variations; it ranges from being intense to the spiritual one.

Furthermore, yoga is a perfect alternative to various exercises, however, for a martial art, it can do a lot more. Martial art is an art, a philosophy and a lifestyle that is done with precision, embodiment and awareness. And it’s no doubt that asana’s and poses in yoga contribute to improve its execution.

Do you know that Yoga + Martial art= Lethal combination!

How? Have a look at some of the reason to explain how yoga is perfect for martial art:

Improved Flexibility

Having flexible body is quite important. It is one of the major benefits one can have by doing yoga. Moreover, this practice comes handy when practicing martial art. The stretched muscles will help in doing moves like high kicks, submissions, high punches, and many others.

Your torque of throwing punches will increase and you will be able to reach high to your opponent. Plus, you will get stretched muscles and will be able to increase your range of motion. You can practice this at home or can join any martial art classes for adults to get flexible body.

Increased Core Strength

Some yoga poses demands longer durations and extended force to strengthen core muscles. Since these muscles are the required to put strong kicks and punches, yoga will help in developing and sharpening them. Practicing yoga will strengthen your back, legs, core, and muscles which will help in doing martial art moves.

When you use these core muscles, you will see the increased power, which will help you practice martial arts effectively. And the best, you will get those perfectly toned abs that you have been craving for long.

Improved Balance:

The ability to balance your body’s position, especially when doing physical activities will affect your balance. While you will learn tree pose in yoga to perfectly balance your body, martial art will help you find balance in every aspect of life. Instead of practicing it on a mat, you will learn to balance while moving from one place to another.

Moreover, your internal equilibrium will become balanced and you will feel light on your body and feet, and you will be able to strike and respond swiftly on attacks.

Martial art will focus more on using legs to fullest improving the lower body and base. You will get to learn the proper placement of feet to keep you sturdy and balanced. Plus, you will be able to jump higher with perfect technique and will be able to run effectively.

Increased Endurance:

Practicing yoga regularly will improve stamina and endurance in your body. Since you will be doing different asana and moves, you will feel improved strength, stamina and mental toughness. Plus, the breathing and meditation will clear your thoughts and will make you feel focused.  Moreover, you will be doing intense aerobic exercises; you will get improved cardiovascular muscles. You can simply go on a 30 minute walk or can do an aerobic exercise to increase endurance.

Speedy Recovery from Injuries:

With martial art, you perhaps feel bruises and minor injuries. However, yoga will not only help you recover those injuries, but will also help in swiftly healing them. For instance, if you get a minor injury like a hamstring injury during practice, grab your yoga mat and start doing the Supine Split pose.

This will not only reduce your recovery time but will also relieve you from pain and aches. So, no more waiting to be on martial art practice again; grab your towel and do yoga to get cured.

Some Of The Gems You Will Learn From Yoga And Will Foster In Martial Art Are:

  • Precision:

Martial art is all about precision, be it tai chi, aikido or tae kwon do, every other form need precise accuracy. With yoga, you will get to learn to concentrate and focus. You will get to know how you can utilize your energy and power to take down the opponent.

  • Breathe control:

Breathing is a fuel when doing yoga as well as martial art. It provides energy that you would need to punch to each move.  All you need is to control inhale and exhale power during exercises. Make sure not to keep on berating to harmonize your soul with exercising.

  • Katas:

It’s a sequence of moves which is used in practicing a martial art. Since it is executed by doing a series of 20-70 moves, your martial art training will improve, and you will become more focused.

So, now that you know how yoga and martial are interconnected start doing one to make the other exercise even better!

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