Best Yoga Poses to Boost Self Confidence

Yoga is believed to boost self confidence. Being aware of our body language and our breath can really make a difference in how we carry ourselves and tackle different experiences in our lives.

“What is confidence, other than believing in yourself, accepting your limits and liking who you are!”

The act of practicing yoga can boost your self confidence. It sends positive message to your brain. This alone helps in raising your self-worth. Furthermore, regular yogic practices build your physical strength, which results in a stronger and more capable body and mind.

Yoga has emerged from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ which means ‘unite’ and when your thoughts and inner self is at peace and united you will ultimately lead your way to confidence. Just a little practice every day can align your inner thoughts and make space for some positivity thereby giving you a dose of confidence boost.

Give it a try! Here are some of the poses that you can master in order to boost your confidence level:

  1.    Upward facing dog– Bend your elbows and place your hands beneath the flat floor, separate your legs while extending your toes backward so the top of your feet touches the floor. Inhale and push towards the floor with your hands and top of the feet, lifting your hips from the floor. Continue lifting your arms fully until there is an arch created from your back, hold it for 10- 15 seconds and exhale while you go back to your earlier position.

In our consciousness hierarchy the solar plexus chakra (also known as ‘EGO’ chakra)  is at the third stage. A balanced solar plexus chakra results in higher confidence level in the individual. The upward facing dog asana helps in stimulation of solar plexus center, which helps in strengthening the confidence energy center of our body.

Upward facing dog

  1.    Goddess pose– Let your feet out and lower your hips in the sitting position, keep your knees aligned with your feet, lift your chest and shoulder so that they are aligned to your hips. Lift your arms towards the ceiling or sky and take deep breaths. The goddess pose entails a powerful posture and a sturdy stance. This asana works well for building strength in core and leg muscles which helps you to boost your self confidence and as a bonus, this also helps lose fat from your core area. The act of discovering your strength in executing the posture increases the yogi’s self-confidence.

Goddess pose

  1.    Standing forward bend – Stand straight with your hands in resting position and exhale while taking a forward bend from your waist. Keeps your back straight while tucking your abdominal muscles and keep folding until they are parallel to your legs. With every breath, you are elongating your spine and hamstring. It will be difficult at the start but then slowly and steadily you will reach there. Standing forward bend also called as Uttanasana is a super simple pose but it can be a bit challenging for the newbies. The asana requires extreme flexibility and practice. It realigns your posture and helps you maintain your center of gravity thus giving you an air of confidence that you never had before.

Standing forward bend

  1. Hero pose – Kneel with your thighs perpendicular to the ground with feet slightly wider than your hips. While pushing your feet into the ground try bringing your knees together. Exhale, lean forward and bend a little so that you are sitting on your hips over the floor. Press your shoulders back and down to lengthen your tailbone, while doing so also lift your chest. Hold on to this position for 30 seconds to a minute. Observe and appreciate your body language to experience a wave of confidence boost.

Hero pose also known as Virasana is another important asana in restorative yoga. This pose requires the yogi to lean back as far as possible. Stretching out on your back like a hero helps stretch your muscles. This is a great way to relieve stress and improve confidence in the yogi.

Hero pose

  1.    Revolved crescent lunge – Bring your hands to the center of your chest, closer to the heart and twist your body towards your front leg while putting your elbows outside of your thighs and twisting your upper half body towards the opposite side. Engage your back leg by pushing it outwards towards the ground. This posture is great for letting things go. It helps you attain ease and take away all your fear and insecurities while boosting your self-esteem.

 Revolved crescent lunge

Ever since the ancient times, Yoga has changed the way of living for all of us. From Gautama Buddha to Swami Vivekananda all these great preachers and influencers have adapted the power of yoga and we can see how significant their preaching is to this day. If you practice it and make it a habit in your daily routine, you will certainly notice the change in your personality as well as confidence. If you perform these poses using kegel balls, it can greatly improve the health of your vagina.

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